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Writing Contests

International 3-Day Novel Contest –
Simply you are given a 3 day period in which you must fully complete your written novel, requires a $50 entry fee.

Writer's Digest Supported Contests –
A list of Writer's Digest contests for a variety of different genres, different prizes and regulations, etc.

Freelance Writing Contest List –
This is another list of contests, alot of these I really think are good though because tons of more unusual types of subjects for competition can be found, and the entry fees are reasonable for most of these. (ranging from $0 - $50 for most of the contests.. even the $0 entry fee contests still have rewards to them)

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)–
You are supposed to write a 50000-word novel during one month (November). This is mostly a contest with yourself.


- 10 Warning Signs that a Writing Contest is a Loser:

Hall Of Trash
Place all scams and refuse here, and then, avoid them! Also see Scams.

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2006-01-24 [Kiddalee]: Gah! is a scam! *sads* Edit: The Hall Of Trash is nothing against the person who added, by the way.

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