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We don't expect members to misbehave here, but we have been taught to expect the unexpected. So here without further ado you will find some general rules related to your behaviour listed below.


- Respecting others
 = Do not disrespect others, down talk them or publicly cut their credit. We don't accept this and anyone who is seen to disrespect others either seriously or by joke will have a visit from the mods. Be nice, play nice and write ;)
 = Detrimentally negative comments about WritersCo, other Heddate Communities, their crew or their members should not be voiced on any form of public medium at WritersCo. These mediums include forums, presentations, wiki pages (content section or comment section), Guestbook entries or public diary entries. If you have concerns or constructive criticism about the site, just privately message any crew member with them. Your opinions will be more readily heard and considered this way, anyway.

- Destruction of other's work on purpose
 = Do not ruin peoples wiki pages in any way, we take this seriously. Do not delete them or edit them in a way that would offend the owner.

- Abuse of WritersCo systems
 = Do not use WritersCo systems to upload inappropriate material. The Writing upload pages are for writings only. Do not use forums, wikis, or the messaging system in any way that could adversely affect the community.

- Repetitive violations of the Uploading Art Rules
 = If a moderator removes one or more of your images, do not go ahead and upload the same thing again. Have a look at the rules to see the sort of images that are permitted.

- Repetitive sending of Chain messages
 = Do not send Spam messages to members. Just don't. They are not needed. Use wiki pages or forums or any other way to announce something. Random mail shots are not permitted.


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2006-01-18 [pixie_shimmer]: I think some of this should be reworded :/ for ones like 'Disrespect towards others' I think it should be the positive as the title rather than the, 'Respect Others'?

2006-01-18 [Font]: Got a suggestion for a reworded version? :P 

2006-01-18 [Veltzeh]: Shouldn't we punctuate correctly and have the name of the page as "rules: behaviour" <- note space. :P

2006-01-18 [Font]: Rules:Behaviour isnt a sentence... we were going for the arty look :P

2006-01-18 [Font]: Ask pix though she is the banner mistress ;) 

2006-01-18 [pixie_shimmer]: I just copy pasted what you typed boy :P

2006-01-18 [pixie_shimmer]: And I am working on rewording...Vel you can punctuate it if it gets approved xD

2006-01-18 [Veltzeh]: Well, it is still a title, and titles do have to obey some rules as well, and rules say a colon isn't a valid punctuation mark to separate two words. XD

2006-01-18 [Font]: *bows* to the 'grammarmasteris' I guess poor wee pix is going to have to create a new banner now :P

2006-01-18 [pixie_shimmer]: hmmmm >_> which bit shall I copy paste then for this new title

2006-01-18 [pixie_shimmer]: omg someone answer me I gets impatient

2006-01-18 [Veltzeh]: I don't understand what you mean :P

2006-01-18 [Font]: It should be Rules: Behaviour

2006-01-18 [pixie_shimmer]: you have to change the wiki too. I will try and make my English better in public places too...

2006-05-27 [Kiddalee]: imagery = using writing to convey images... so I fixed that.

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