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Dueling Rules

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These are the infallible rules of this wiki. Read them before submitting anything, and we'll get along!


1. Plagiarism equals being banned from participating and publically denounced as a thief. Don't do it, ever.

2. Try to choose the best-fitting category for your poem. The mods of this arena reserve the right to move poems as we see fit, if they don't quite work in the suggested category.

3. We will allow mature content provided it is not over the top. Use common sense, and be tasteful about it. Over-the-top gore, sexuality, profanity, and so forth will result in disqualification as decided by the mods.

4. No fighting on this arena's wikis. Period.

5. No self-advertising! You may advertise a duel and the arena itself, but basically, you cannot say 'vote for me'.

6. All poetry submissions should follow the WritersCo Rules.

7. Spellcheck and grammar check your work. This is not so much a rule as a suggestion.

8. Do not alter your poem after you have submitted it.

9. Once a poem has dueled, it cannot be submitted again, even to a different category. If it's been modified extensively since it last dueled and you'd like to submit the new version, please contact an Arena mod. (S)he will decide whether it's different enough to be considered a new entry.

Once you have read and understood these rules, continue on to Submit Your Poems.


Ignorance of these rules is not an excuse. If you don't understand a rule or a part of the rule ask, check out the Arena FAQ. If you still can't find an answer, post the question on the main page. After all, if you have a question, there's a good chance others will have the same question.

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