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By: [shadoublood]
Genre/Style: Rhyming Poetry
Mod's Comment:
Gothic fatalism communicated in nonstop imagery.

Roses black darken the skies with red tears
Blood splashes upon the ashes of life
Rusted shears cut the longest line of fear
Hearts bleed from the wound given by the knife
Reapers feast upon the last battle
She with the dark wings returns to the dust
Throats will dry at the end of the rattle
The Buildings of life have begun to rust
The Angels weep at their fruitless labor
For death has claimed what they have bled for
The slaves taste the dead bodies sweet flavor
Those above begin to make molds for more
Dust begins to stir violently anew
For they will again take life from you.

Rate it at 744.Death
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Date: 2008-06-11 02:49:11 Featured writing #: 27 Mod: Kiddalee

Ginsbergism 2008

By: [Mister Saint]
Genre/Style: Free Verse Prose Poem

Mod's Comment:

This is a social statement including what many people feel but what doesn't get
 said except on the internet because materialistic old goons who think
 they've seen enough people to write about but really only see
 their own crowd are dominating the media,

And it's written Ginsberg style, which looks rambly, but one soon finds it
 is easy to read and refreshingly offensive, not the offensive of thirteen-
 year-olds trying to sound cool by being racist on gaming servers or
 college students not growing out of swearing, but offensive the way that
 people need it nowadays because everybody's yelling so loud that the only
 person who's audible is the person who yells the loudest:

.... in
    pot smoke and fire water we choked
    out what might have been brilliance,
    where in the deepest blackest liquid oil
    jungles we cracked our children's teeth
    on bullets bombs and blood....

I know what I'm talking about, you know. I'm twenty-one years old.

Read it at 79.Poetry.Ginsbergism 2008

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Date: 2008-05-11 03:41:49 Featured writing #: 26 Mod: Kiddalee

The Stars are Falling

By: [Eleanor]
Style: Free Verse Poetry

Mod's Comment:

[Eleanor] combines a graceful word choice with both poetic and concrete imagery, to convey the gentleness of snow's ride down the sky and of its settling on the Earthly things below.

Check it out at: 668.Poetry.The Stars are Falling

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Date: 2008-04-11 02:00:56 Featured writing #: 25 Mod: Kiddalee

Handling It

By: [Jenna Rose]
Genre: Drama/Contest Entry

Mod's Comment:

This inspiring short is an example of how on-the-fly writing contests can wake up one's creativity and even lead to more complex works. The questions it asks and the conflict it provokes provide an opening for a longer plotline.
  At the same time, [Jenna Rose] has rounded out what is already there by gradually revealing the events at hand. Her strategy of starting her narrative at the very end of a plotline makes a sense of closure obtainable in very few words.
  Only by good writing can one contain a strained marriage, a sick child, and a breaking mother in a single paragraph without leaving gaping holes.

Read it at 150.Contest Entries.Five Words - May

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Date: 2008-03-11 18:57:16 Featured writing #: 24 Mod: Kiddalee
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