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Featured Writing Criteria


To be accepted, nominated pieces must:

1. Follow the rules.
2. Be readable. It doesn't have to be perfect, but good or decent spelling and grammar (enough to show you're trying) isn't too much to ask. We understand if English isn't your first language. 
3. Too many typos and use of chatspeak are not very pretty sights in writings and are hard to read. So please nominate well written works in that regard as well.
4. Actually be a written work, not an index of works, or a bunch of pictures (a children's story with lots of illustrations is okay).
5. Be uploaded to the Writings, not a wiki-page.

Of course, if your piece breaks any rules and then gets nominated, you will very likely get caught, hmm? So follow the rules at all times.

Do not nominate your own works or pester/beg members through email to nominate your writings. If others like your writings then they will nominate it as they see fit. So do not nominate your own.

Also please try to avoid nominating writings that your 'friend' told you to. Even though we can't stop you, we advise against it because even though you think you're being 'friendly' it is not exactly fair to members who try their best to be nominated by random members. So please try to nominate writings you personally enjoy.


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