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Name: Michael

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I am a light which shines. A shining light. A dreamer among people, drifting along the pathways between fantasy and reality.

I am a world within worlds. A single raindrop on a blade of grass; and an entire universe.
My genre is Fantasy. My world is Toryll. An entire world, within the deep oceans of my mind. And yet, my mind is a single raindrop in my world.
Locked in an eternal paradox. Both the creator and the created. The entire Universe in a single mind, and yet, a single mind in a universe. I was created by the forces which hold Toryll together, and yet I also have created those very forces.

In the space of 7 years or less, entire civilisations have risen and fallen. Great men rose above the masses to be immortalised, only to fall again. Wars were fought, and countries were overwhelmed. Gods fell from the skies.

All in the ocean of my mind.

That little description was an A+ English assignment at school... of course, it was much longer and more complex. That little bit of writing will tell you more about me than anyone else can ever tell you.

Ok, I have thrown caution to the wind, and uploaded the beginnings of my novel. Please, the only reason I am doing this is because I trust you all, because this is a place to share our pride and joy, our literary children, a place to share and admire and gro. Please, for all that is decent in the world, please don't steal.
<joinforum:9:hihi> (Traditional vs. non-traditional fantasy)

Age: 17Year of birth: 1988Month of birth: 9Day of birth: 3

Gender: male

Working/study place: Australia!

Place of living: Australia! (actually, mostly in my own little world...)


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