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Name: Sour Girl


So I actually got this as a tattoo on my wrist...yeah...uber coolness...

Member Type: Writer

It's been so long since I was on this i've forgotten what to do and how to use it...ah well...Here's some new stuff I wrote a while back...what i mean is it's new here but i wrote it like forever ago...let me know what you monstrous of needs be...and something tells me needs definitely be!!!

Father, the self-righteous man
Had three kids and never gave a damn,
How they felt about themselves,
Why he rejected the one at the end
It was all his fault.

I was the only girl, the last one
He wished his wife had bore another son
I’m sorry father I couldn’t control what I’d become
Or why you’d reject me
It must’ve been my fault.

You broke my soul and tore my spirit
You decided I was a failure and wouldn’t deal with it
I gave up on you a long time ago
I told myself I never had one and now
I don’t need a father anymore.

Runaway Girl:
So I cry a little tear for that runaway girl,
Wish I could have gazed upon that pearl,
But she’s gone to find her own place,
Over the Pacific, without a trace.

She was here before I was born,
Still she’s the one I wish I could have known,
Ran away far too soon,
Left in her wake a guitar and a tune.

She was a heroine that lived too fast,
They couldn’t keep pace so it could not last,
And now I go follow in her steps,
But I know I’m walking on glass.

Psychedelic with feathers in her hair,
They thought they saw her but she wasn’t really there,
She left in a jet plane to change the world,
Still I wash I could have known that runaway girl

Yeah...they're a bit old and in need of alot of work...ah well!!!

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