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2007-06-07 14:50:38
* Drew a Map to the Stars * Version 2.0
A Map to the Stars (Part of the Drew a Map to the Stars in Crayon) :Novel:

She felt so lost, She needed a way,
The thoughts she felt,
Were not enough to say.
The mere suggestion,

On the tip of her tongue,
To try to speak the language,
Of forbidden fruit.
Rendered mute.

But the mind, she shouted.
A conversation with the universe,
Was all she had needed.
To cure the blues,

And give her some truths.
So she danced upon the stars,
Over stepping stones of blazing stars,
Elavating her high above the ground.

She heard the sound of the universes' memories,
A lullaby, which made her cry.
Whilst safe in her bed, she would lie,
And from her corralating dreams awoken,

The dawn chorus breaks, so to the silence had broken.

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