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Ariel  Writings  (Love WC? I Support the movement)

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Name: Ariel

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I'm Ariel Teague, a writer and a reader. 

When it comes to writing, it's a hodge-podge of styles, from essays to free form poetry to novels to anything else. However, the majority of what I write would either flow into the poetry category or contemporary fiction.

And then there's reading. What fun! I'll gladly give any genre a time, but if I'm not hooked within the first few chapters, I'll usually have to step away. Fantasy and psychological dramas are my usual niche, but other categories are always a pleasure. 

Feel free to send a message. =) I love a good conversation.


Age: 17Month of birth: 12Day of birth: 6

Gender: female

Working/study place: Student/Anywhere

Place of living: Academia


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