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2007-12-23 04:01:39
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A Writing Competetion.

Everything that is old.<--For everything before I cleaned this page.


Everything you submit must be written by you.
Please put your entry on a separate page, for our viewing pleasure.
Include with your entry your username and a word count.
Enjoy. :D


December. Please start all your entries off with this: "Never had the weather been so cold, or the sky so bleak. Nothing merry could come from this Christmas Season, that much was certain." 100-1,000 words please.

Entries (up to ten)::

1) 102.Tales by Firelight.001 - [Ash] - 761 Words

Username (or number or email):


2007-07-02 [Eloura]: Is this still on?

2007-07-12 [Kaimee]: Who knows, the judge seems to have disappeared :/

2007-08-19 [Akayume]: Yessum, I did. .____. For like, what, over a year? O.O

2007-09-04 [Kaimee]: A long damn time :P

2007-09-06 [Eloura]: Yes yes to long. So can we still entr this?

2007-09-23 [Kaimee]: Well it hasn't been closed, so I'd say go ahead. It doesn't look like the judging will be finished anytime soon :P

2007-09-25 [Eloura]: Ok!

2007-10-26 [Ash]: Akayume disappeared again.

2007-10-26 [Eloura]: *nods head* ok

2007-12-04 [Eloura]: *stares at page watching*

2007-12-09 [Akayume]: Wow. O.O Okay. Well. I'll definately have to mak this place more lively again. :D

And if I dissappear again... Feel free to bugger me on elftown. XP

2007-12-10 [Kaimee]: do know the difference between "bugger" and "bug" don't you? :O

2007-12-10 [Akayume]: Oh, yes, I do. :] But I still use it in the form of 'bug'. ^^'' Just something my friends and I do. (ick. Bad slang. >.>)

2007-12-10 [Eloura]: *see's the new page* I like it!

2007-12-10 [Akayume]: :] I'm glad!

2007-12-10 [Akayume]: Poetic Contest of DOOM another contest I'm hosting.

2007-12-11 [Sabrina Catherine]: i feel bad, i never have much time to come here, and when i do, i totally forget about it.... on the bright side, not much happens in a month... so i never really fall behind

2007-12-11 [Akayume]: Ah, I see.

2007-12-22 [iippo]: Everything that is old is a password protected page, I can't view it... Is that on purpose? (Also, fixed some typoes) :x

2008-01-01 [Akayume]: Oh! Oops! I'll go change that..

2008-01-01 [Akayume]: Changed.

And this theme will run until the end of January. Or until I see fit. :D

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