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Note: the nomination process has changed. Read about it at Nominated Writings.

Welcome to Featured Writings where you can nominate another member's writing to be featured on Mainstreet for a month. Each Featured Writings is changed on the 10th of each month.

There is a certain criteria by which the writings that get submitted must comply. This means the mods will not post poorly written works on Mainstreet. So please nominate works using proper English (or close to) and are somewhat well written.

The Nominated Writings page is where you submit you nominated writings.


To nominate a Writing see: Nominated Writings
For the criteria see: Featured Writing Criteria
To see the entries posted on the Mainpage in the past see: Featured Writings Archive

For more information; ask in the forums
If that still doesn't help, contact [Kiddalee] or [Font].


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-The wiki-index
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