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Book name : Wheel of Time Trilogy
Genre : Fantasy
Author : Robert Jordan


The Wheel of Time Trilogy has been met with many, often sometimes very clashing, different points of view. While some regard it as one of the most detailed and intriguing long-series of all time (currently 12 books) others find it mundane and lacking of real spark.

My take on it is... this could help you get the thinking flow going. The actual storyline and character development is rather beautiful, in my opinion. Granted it takes some time to drudge through some of the more useless detailed pages... but the actual long-run product is a series full of a very vivid and living world with characters deeming in depth.

On the other hand... (Though I normally say just read it straight through) I would say keep a website handy that has book summaries for the series as sometimes certain chapters are better left skipped since they add no real major impact or progression to the story.

Nonetheless if you like epic fantasy series, check this out. Most of the 12 books are anywhere from 650-900 pages.

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2006-02-03 [RiverStar]: GAH! Wheel of Time?! No I disagree!!!! Someone told me to read it. That I would love it. But I couldn't stand. While I will admit it is theoretical a good idea. It drags on for so long. I felt like nothing ever really happened. Would have been great as a trilogy or something shorter than the five million books in that series. I truly think it was such a boring waste of my time.

2006-02-03 [grushaj]: Exactly what I was saying.. its really OVER-detailed and in the wrong places.. like 20 pages about Rand moving ten paces.. and 1 page about him conquering an entire city. The plotline is great, but should be written over. My point is that in some ways its a good read (if you skip chapters :P) just for helping with character development, etc, which was well done. I thought it was so-so all in all, but still useful.

2006-05-03 [Kiddalee]: I think I heard somewhere that the poor author has had to stretch it out for contract reasons.

2006-05-07 [grushaj]: Hmm.. i remember hearing things about that in the past, but never know...

2007-10-17 [RiddleRose]: unfortunately for us, robert jordan died of a heart attack a couple of months ago. there were two more books planned. he was in the middle of one of them.


ahem. anyway, he's dead now. so we may never know how the series ends. 

2007-10-23 [Kiddalee]: ... Oh. My. I did not know that. @_@ I hope it wasn't from overwork.

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