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Storyshop is a round table writing workshop for those serious about seeking publication. Its committee members will critique and analyze each others' works, searching for errors so that editors will have nothing to edit during the publishing phase.

Storyshop Rulebook - Read this!

Storyshop Buttons - reviewer buttons and badges


Participants / optional contact information

1. [Mister Saint] - /

2. [Eleanor]

3. [Annie] - Just message me here on WC.


This month's pieces

1. 79.Novella.Sashenka - 889 Words

   Review: Storyshop - Sashenka

2. Storyshop-Mermaid 1 - this a much more manageable chunk of the story for starters. 

   Review: Storyshop - The Little Mermaid II

3. 415.Books in Progress.Untitled Novel.Chapter 1 - 3,099 (only read as much as you are comfortable with)

   Review: Storyshop - Adriana


Reference Pages

WritersCo has some excellent resources created by members. Have a look if you need story help!

Technical Details
Flipside Workshop
Literary Terms

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2007-05-27 [Mister Saint]: Absolutely, yes. Remember, we're working on openings in particular right now. ^^

2007-05-27 [Eleanor]: [Mister Saint], I have left a critique for you at Storyshop - Sashenka.

2007-05-27 [Mister Saint]: Oh, tres spiff. ^_^!

2007-05-27 [Annie]: short stories not allowed?

2007-05-29 [Mister Saint]: Well, it depends on how short. *grins* I reviewed Eleanor's whole story, though, so it wouldn't be fair not to do the same for you, Annie, so we'll just do openings next time. Sound good?

2007-05-29 [Mister Saint]: Okee! We have a rules page now at Storyshop Rulebook. Any additions, questions, or ideas on it, let me know!

2007-05-29 [Annie]: It looks good to me.
Well no I don't mind doing an opening...I just know how bad my only opening is. My short stories are like 500-900 words tops. That's probably the same length as my only opening. I'll put up my opening and prepare myself for the worst. >.< :P
It's a good thing you told me that was the theme though cause it's not written anywhere on the page...

2007-05-29 [Annie]: Ok I put up my opening, but wow...I had no idea it was that long. I thought it was way shorter than that. So please don't read the whole thing if you don't want to, a quarter or half or something, whatever. Read to wherever and just comment on what you read. :)

2007-05-29 [Mister Saint]: Well, it's okay not to worry about just the opening this time, since it ended up not working out anyway. ^^ Thash why it's not on the page.

2007-05-29 [Annie]: Oh, I see. :)

2007-05-29 [Mister Saint]: I've got the buttons page up and a new set of literary terms! Please feel free to make additions (do your research first) or ask questions. Also, people involved in this page should watch every one of the pages, just in case something changes. ^^

2007-06-02 [Mister Saint]: Here's something else I'd like to see. I'd like to see reviewed pieces from here occasionally nominated for featured writing. It needs help, and it'd be nice to see some storyshop reviewed bits get up there.

Annie, Eleanor, are you two interested in buttons?

2007-06-02 [Eleanor]: I’m not really that interested in buttons. As I mentioned before somewhere, the piece I submitted this time is one I’m hoping to submit to an actual juried competition, so I have to get it offline in a jiffy. But if it encourages more people to get involved in Storyshop, it’s not a bad idea.

2007-06-02 [Annie]: Sure, but I'll make my own button when I have time, so don't worry about it. I'd rather my intro didn't get nominated to the featured writings, not that I expect it to, but it's not one of my favorites so...I mean, is that a requirement?

2007-06-02 [Mister Saint]: nah! We'd really only want to nominate finished stuff anyway. It's just something I'd like to see at some point.

2007-06-02 [Eleanor]: I apologize for not having been able to pay much attention to what’s going on here lately. I’m working on a deadline right now, and don’t have time left over for critical reading, but I promise I’ll read your piece soon, [Annie].

2007-06-03 [Mister Saint]: Note to everyone, I've got a table of contents added to Literary Terms. Please use this page, as I know I use the terms there fairly often in my reviews.

2007-06-03 [Annie]: No problem Eleanor, I wasn't even worried about it.

2008-03-25 [RiddleRose]: hello... i just stumbled across this page, and it looks great! what should i know that isn't in the rules but is pretty much required? unspoken policies? taboos with deathly punishments? in short, how does this place run?

2008-03-25 [Mister Saint]: It hasn't run in quite a while, unfortunately.

2008-03-28 [RiddleRose]: aw... that's sad.

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