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WritersCo-heddate (WCH)is the old version community for 

WCH is a community for writers who are interested in gaining more experience in their paths or careers in writing, for readers who wish to enjoy the works of others, and for agents/publishers who are on the look out for new talent.
WritersCo has no focus on any particular genre so writing from any background is welcome. 

Using the community‚Äôs forums and wiki pages, members will have the opportunity to meet people who have similar interests. Members can view and comment on wiki pages created within WritersCo, and may also create their own wiki pages for any purpose. This also goes for forums too!

At WritersCo members can also upload their writing, providing the opportunity to showcase their work, or let others have a quick glance at their stories. Readers and other writers alike will enjoy the huge library of uploaded works and have the ability to get in contact with the author to leave feedback or comments.

To visit the new writersco community please go to

Features of

A personal profiles:
Tell other members about yourself and your writing.
A Blog :
So that you can inform others about your recent activities, or news about your writing.
A place to upload your writing :
Each member has the option to upload their writing which can be read by others.
Private messaging :
Message other community members.
Forums :
Participate in discussions in the official forums or create your own.
Wiki :
Create your own wiki page.
Challenges and Contests :
Take part in a wide variety of writing challenges and contests.


Go or return to:
-The contact page
-The wiki-index
-The help index

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2007-03-15 [Kiddalee]: I thought I'd move a certain jargon-filled phrase from the very beginning of the page, so this page would look a little more friendly.

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