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[Ally] wants you to give her a poem


As some of you know I have little inspiration when it comes to Elfhouse-decorating. Because of that fact and because I like to change environmnet once in a while, I often add nothing but a songtext and a picture in my description.
Now as songlyrics are unoriginal (even if I have translate them ...badly) and as some of us are great poets and I'm not, I would like you poet to write me a small little tiny text which I can put into my house if I'm out of inspiration.
So if you want to be featured in my little house, then here's your chance.
So in the hope I get some help here: add submissions below the divider (which can be found on Elftown Graphics)


[sequeena_rae] has donated a poem! :O

Faerie Ring

Silently they call to me,
Musical voices floating on the silvery wind.
Their enchanting music rouses me from my bed,
Slowly I follow the sounds to the bottom of the garden and into the forest.
Tiny lanterns surround me as I enter,
An owl hoots softly in the distance.
Laughter reaches my ears,
Feeling tugging, I look down.
In front of me a little faerie with wings of silken gold,
She smiles at me and pulls me closer, into a clearing.
I see a ring of mushrooms - I have found the faerie ring,
All around me the faeries gather.
pointing, whispering and giggling,
A clap is sounded and all is silent.
Before me stands the Queen of the Fae in all her glory,
She beckons me with a long finger inviting me into their circle of magic.
Honoured, I obey,
They offer me food and drink as they sing and dance.
The night draws on filled with much laughter,
The first rays of sunlight break through into the clearing and I thank the Queen for letting me see their magic.
Silently she smiles and dips her head in recognition,
Just before I leave the forest I turn and wave -
They are gone, but I know I shall be welcomed again.

[iippo] (sorry it's a shortie)

In the world of losers
It starts to rain
two minutes before home door.
Winners have umbrellas.

[Eloura] I hope you like it.

Dance through the trees
of long forgot
breath the air
of a troubled soul
sence the mind
of a true artist
through the thicket they call life
wander the path
through the forest
think of the truth
running through your heart
mind the fairys
and woods nymphs
tread softly on the moss
remember to watch for roots
so not to trip
and fall
you are in
a forest wonder land

[Marten] Not sure if this is what you want. But here it is. ^_^

(Translator's Note: A song sang by Orcish legions during the War of the Black Sun, upon news of the approach of Orcart. Orcart was the then general of the mountainous Orc nation. Under his leadership, Orc armies pushed out the dark sorcers and their minions, and took many human towns and provinces held in thrall to these great and cruel wizards. It would be hard to say under which these people suffered more.)


Grakt ar dwer, sull ek dun
Stech ar pins ark der
Ter bar ar hol, cleve ar pinhol
Grash ar pindwer, klee mor ark net

Spinkt ax, cor leng
Orcart der!

Warshu bledh, dertal grax
Net ark e grashder ar der
Af brer gort e met
Bret sar ik klee

Chut ire, slee kleer
Orcart nader!

Mor et kleeach, pinsorc net
Sun ech grash, nader
Gort ik pinmet, ik holmet, ik git
Met fer umbe, bledh see ak grat
Ret ark met, gort ik klee
Mekhal Orcart ne!



Smash the house, tear it down
Impale the people to the ground
Throw down the horse, cleave the rider too
Burn the stables, kill the many and the few

Shatter the axe, break the spear
For mighty Orcart is here!

Rivers of blood, mountains of bone
None left by hearth in home
Crow and raven feast on flesh
Filled air with taste of death

Bite the sword, spread all fear
For mighty Orcart is near!

Much is slaughtered, prisoners none
No time to take them ‘ere rise of sun
Feast on manflesh, horse, and goat
The meat it fills, blood slakes throat

Tear the flesh, feast in cheer
For mighty Orcart is here!

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