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Famous First Lines!!

Created by [RiddleRose]. Run by [Ash]!


What's What:

I will give you a first line, picked at random, something I think sounds good, and you must write a short story using that first line. This will be a bi-monthly contest.

The deadline for the current contest is done November 30th!. Have fun poppets!


The Rules:

1. Your story must be at least 400 words long, and no longer than 2,000.
2. You must use the first line that I provide... (duh)
3. All work must be original! No plagiarism or you will be poked dreadfully and disqualified!
4. Keep it PG-13 folks...
5. Please use proper spelling and grammar!
6. Have Fun!


October-November contest!

Your First Line Is...

It fell upon our world, not seeming like some type of harsh backlash, but more like we were alone and it was our fault.



1. [Eleanor] 668.Contest entries.Famous First Lines.December 2011 - 768 words


Contact [Ash] with any questions.

Thanks to [Mister Saint] at writersco graphics for the dividers. ^_^
Thanks to [Paz] for the banner! 

flipside contest section
Firstline Winners


1. [Eleanor] 668.Contest entries.Famous First Lines.September 2011 - 933 words




So I made some badges! Please take the appropriate one!

<img:stuff/ffl1st.jpg> <img:stuff/ffl2nd.jpg> <img:stuff/ffl3rd.jpg> <img:stuff/fflparticipant.jpg>

Cool Contests

For the Love of Love by [Jenna Rose] - May contain mature writings
Unlazy Poets by [Kiddalee] - Formatted Poetry contest
Drabbles by [RiddleRose], Held by [Ash] - 100 word writings

Username (or number or email):


2011-08-31 [Eleanor]: Thanks. I think I won by default, though, so that doesn't really count.

2011-08-31 [Annie]: Sorry I didn't make it into this one; school started for me this week and I'm still settling into things, trying to get back into my school/work/own life balance. :P But don't worry, I still get on nearly every day and browse around and respond when I have a minute. And...entry one in! ;D

2011-08-31 [Annie]: And to make up for my absence last round here's another one! ;P

2011-09-09 [Eleanor]: I'm really busy with a deadline project right now, but hopefully I'll be able to get something in for at least of one these.

2011-09-11 [Ash]: Take your time Eleanor. :) WC would prefer you get your real life tasks done first.

2011-10-02 [Eleanor]: Can we extend this one? I finally have time to write and would like to submit, but I'll need a few more days to come up with something.

2011-10-02 [Ash]: Yes, I think I'll extend this until Oct 10th.

2011-10-02 [Annie]: Now how did I get the impression that stories only needed to be 200 words minimum but actually need to be 400 minimum....Any chance my two 200s can count for a single 400? ;P

2011-10-04 [Ash]: Nope, you have to follow the rules, Annie. You have six days to fix them up, that's plenty of time.

2011-10-04 [Annie]: Actually it's not, I'm completely swamped for the next week and a half. I'll just sit this round out.

2011-10-05 [Ash]: Eleanor, if you're not participating I can put up the next contest.

2011-10-06 [Eleanor]: Ah! Give me a day or two. I'm going to try to get one in. I promise!

2011-10-06 [Eleanor]: Actually, forget it. I'm just too busy. I'm sorry. You may as well put up the next one. 

2011-10-07 [Ash]: Okay

2011-10-15 [Annie]: I would really love to know where each of the famous first lines you provide comes from. That's part of the fun for me anyway--writing something myself and then looking it up and seeing where the original author took it. :)

2011-10-16 [Ash]: Um... I make mine up.

2011-10-16 [Ash]: The famous first line is 'It was a dark and stormy night' and we used that one

2011-10-19 [Annie]: Bummer.

2011-12-22 [Eleanor]: Whoa. I didn't think I'd actually get one in, and the deadline has even passed. Sorry.

2012-09-25 [Eleanor]: Hardly seems fair, doesn't it? How do we get more people participating in these things?

2012-11-01 [Ash]: Sorry I've been off. WC has never really had too many members, it's hard to get people to participate in contests.

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