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My stories are inspired by random plot bunnies, prompts, everyday life, other peoples' artwork - anything, really. I have a style that is rich with description and is largely a mix of humour, sarcasm and sadness. It has been said that I'm capable of 'soul-crushing bleakness of Dickensian proportions' - but that has only come from one source, so go figure. I also seem to have a tendency to poke criticism at some aspects of the society, although that is mostly only inside my own head while writing, and if anything of it does come through to the actual piece, it's bound to be underneath the underneath.

Also, I find it truly hard to categorise my stories. Usually their sci-fi/fantasy qualities are indeed so vague that I can't describe them as such with a clear conscience. Mystery? Romance? Horror? Uh, no. Certainly not children's.

They just... are.

Food trouble: Inspired by my boyfriend who was largely fed up with eating Christmas leftovers, but reasoned that someone had to eat the turkey away before it would one fine morning come by in the kitchen and say hi. Definitely strange.

Pet: Our discussions tend to head towards the random. So it's no wonder that the inspiration to this story should be in the speculation of missing socks. Bogeymen are not always treated as something to be afraid of.

Dance of innocence: The credit for my inspiration goes to [Keyshika] this time around. She had a drawing up in her Elftown house once that stirred an idea within me, and this was the result. Purification?

Meadow: [Kaimee] and her awesome drawing skills are to blame for this piece. The work titled Grass really caught my attention and my fancy, and a story began to brew.

Forsaken: Originally intended to be a contest entry over at Flipside, for the five words contest, this ran out of hand. Largely an experimental piece. Very short, and apparently, very depressing. Of victims, of prisoners, there will be no single memory left...

The Hypocrite: A companion piece to Forsaken, this is another largely experimentative and quite short piece, again offering only a glimpse of a whole. I might write more to the series, but I give no promises.

Remembrance: Inspired by a drawing of Zabina Nilsson's, known on Elftown as Zab, this story uses a lot of repetition and a rare - for me - present tense. Quite melancholy like the rest of them, it is a bittersweet tale of a long-awaited reunion.

Dreamscape: Probably not suitable for those who get queasy easily. I know I managed to make myself nauseous writing this... Sparked by a long forgotten conversation on Elftown's IRC channel, this piece came to encompass all kinds of nasty thoughts that circle around in a person's head. In this case, that person being me.
It's a research on dreams and sleeping, but it's not as innocent as it seems...

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