[Calann]: 135.Poetry

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2007-03-31 19:48:17

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.The silent muse

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Illusion of belonging

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.White in D minor

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Sky chaser

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Vertigo

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Prayer to the Mother

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Sweet motherly love

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Path of an outlaw

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Archaic melodies

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Path

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Torn

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Apollo's child

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Lilting Lavender

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Sunburn

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Believer of hope

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.A bard's torment

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Maze (Imprisonment)

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Aurora

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Portrait of a muse

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Intricate lies

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Kaleidoscope

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.The night ballet

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Destination

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Rapture

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Windswept

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Moments (like this)

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Tribe

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Comfort

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.George

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.MS Newtide

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Monologue

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Lover

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Moon Haiku

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Sin

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Virtuoso

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Songbird

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Sun Haiku

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Nostalgia

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Verse of longing

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Ode to apathy

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Utopia

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Ruska

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.End note

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Release

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Imperfection

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Dawn at the Fae Court

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Follow the leader

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Play pretend (In the Court of Kings)

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Of Myth

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Shedding scales

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Blue haiku

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Within the lights

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.If you are able

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Bound maiden

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Winter lullaby

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Silenced stories

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.Sangria bird sings

[Calann]: 135.Poetry.The Gift of Wings

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Poetry makes up half of what I write, if not more. Lines and stanzas flow from me naturally, and I sometimes find it easier to express my thoughts and ideas in a poem. My muse is to be blamed for everything, though - I get inspiration for the weirdest things that make me go bug-eyed.

Now, then. First off, I admit to being lazy. I mainly write in free verse, and if something rhymes, it's more often than not pure coincidence. I'll occasionally work a little bit harder and try to write in a form, but don't expect it to be common. Secondly, it's very rare for me to edit my poems after I've initially written them. If, however, you feel that something would look so much better if I changed it in a certain way, feel free to give a suggestion. I won't bite.

So go read and leave feedback. Feedback is yummy.

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