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2006-01-29 22:21:15
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100 Words Contest

This is a Free to Write contest, hosted by [Emily]!


The Winners

Listed below are the contestants, with their story, reason for what place they received, and then what prize they get. Great entries everyone!


6th place: [chuchutrain]

Though this entry was outstanding and very philosophical, the word 'is' was repeated, there was a grammar mistake, and the entry consisted of a total of 103 words. Besides bounding from the contest rules, this was a most excellent entry and I hope [chuchutrain] will post some more 100 word paragraph for the audiences pleasure. It was an extremely deep and thoughtful paragraph!


5th place: [Burning Inside]

This piece was full of imagination, but you were docked points for only have 99 words, incorrect grammar ("im" and not "I'm"), and also for not having strict paragraph form. However, this were the consistencies of the rules, and if you reach out and ignore the rules totally... well, this piece is probably one of the most original ones I have ever read. The virus was excellent! The line that most stuck out for me: 'But “fun” would cycle homemade processed memory, if walking could happen for viruses like myself.' This was such an excellent piece, and I most certainly praise you for it.


4th place: [Font]

This piece was well written and I honestly enjoyed the beginning imagery with the watch tower and the castle. I love castles. The reason why you are awarded 4th place is because the thoughts seem a little jumbled, just to be out there. There was lack of imagery near the bottom of the paragraph, and I was left with an empty feeling once it was over. Though I have to highly praise you for this line: "Goosebumps could soon certainly follow spreading over snow white skin removing smooth complexion." That certainly gave me a nice little chill.


3rd place: [SleepingDragon]

Ah, I really did enjoy this piece. The reason why you were awarded 3rd is because it seemed like it had a purpose, but there was something... missing. It feels like it's a little empty. This piece was also very closely tied with 2nd, mind you. But, aside of this, this piece was totally magnificent and I need to highly praise you for a few lines that just made me smile: "All hail a hero conquering shadowy creatures within people’s minds." "Evil shall not reign today." And, "Rejoice young maidens. Salvation has arrived!"

Your award: I'll read any story of your choice and comment on it.


2nd place: [Kuzco]

You are so into every contest on WC, you know this, right? This piece was so magnificent and so closely tied with 1st I was sweating over who to give it to. In the end, I've awarded you with 2nd because this piece, though absolutely magnificent, has a missing comma (I feel really mean for saying that >.<). HOWEVER... I can't choose just one or a few lines that I enjoyed from this piece because I enjoyed it totally and overall. This piece speaks about man's inability to be perfect, and while his enemy spared his life, he pointed out the flaws as well. And, it shows that the main character has not yet found a way to cler his imperfections.

Your award: I'll read any story of your choice and comment on it.


1st place: [Kaimee]

All right, you're a redheaded beauty, too, but that had no factor on my judgment for this! The reason why you have been awarded with 1st place is because you follow the format and rules perfectly, and not only was this piece inspiring, it was emotional and creative as well. I really enjoyed how you took something from your real life experienced and widdled it all down to 100 words: it was creative as well as thoughtful. The pain and agony and every feeling felt from your entry was just as powerful -- if not more -- than the blog entry. I most certainly applaud you on this delightful feat and I know that I've certainly learned a thing or two about 100 word paragraphs from this.

Your award: I'll read any story of your choice of any length and comment/criticise it. Or I will just serve you for one day. Free choice.


[Mister Saint] 'graciously' dropped from this contest, thinking that personal bias would get in the way. Though I'm not happy with him at the moment, the scores were already tallied. Whether or not he finds this true or is just pushing my buttons for fun, it's no matter. He was going to come in 3rd for his piece, but I suppose not.


Thanks all for your wonderful entries, I hope you'll try practicing this exercise monthly or at least yearly, since it will most certainly help you to expand your vocabulary, while giving you discipline.


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2006-01-29 [Emily]: All tallied in!

2006-01-29 [Kuzco]: whoah....I got second place :D. And yeah, I think Kaimee totally disserved it, hers was my favourite. This was a great contest and had great entries. Hip hip for everyone! hip hip, HURRAH!

2006-01-29 [Emily]: You did a really great job, too!

2006-01-29 [Mister Saint]: *claps* Congratulations, everyone! 

2006-01-29 [SleepingDragon]: Congrats Kaimee! Good job all!

2006-01-30 [Kaimee]: *blinks* ok... well... on ET I fully expect to win art contests quite often (vanity) but I was really expecting just to participate to make things funner for the real writers here.. I never once expected to win, and thankyou sosososososososo much! ^^ *dances*

2006-01-30 [Emily]: I am your slave. >.<

2006-01-30 [Kaimee]: That's it, strip! :P Naw, I'd like this comment/crit thing but I really don't know what story to choose. My stories are all very short, usually incomplete, and not very interesting unless you're me and you like to play with the way my mind works :P Sooo... pick anything out of my short stories category (although, maybe not Rhymes or The Next Amendment) and do what you will ^^ If the one you pick is particuarly shite, don't bother with it, move on :P

2006-01-30 [Emily]: Since you got first place, just give me a max of three, and I'll comment and critic those.

2006-01-30 [Emily]: Or not. O.o.

2006-01-30 [Kaimee]: You'll crit up to 3? :O

2006-01-30 [Kaimee]: (Wait, should I have gone with the slave option? :P)

2006-01-30 [Emily]: (Depends on what you need a slave for... o.o)

2006-01-30 [Kaimee]: Relax :P If I picked the slave option I could have you comment on aaall my pieces XD Or is it the same as genie rules? No wishing for infinite wishes?

2006-01-30 [Emily]: No wishing for infinite wishes. My mortality only stretches so far... ;-;

2006-01-30 [Kaimee]: Bah, ok I'll go with the crit idea :P Shall I pick three stories then? Is that what you wanted?

2006-01-30 [Emily]: If you wanna do that, or I'll just freestyle.

2006-01-30 [Kaimee]: Ok, but just note: contact is newest, and mothers love has had no interest from anyone else :P But that's all i'll say, you can do whichever you want ^^

2006-01-30 [Emily]: Actually, I got about halfway through Mother's Love before I had to go poof... and I lost all the stuff I wrote down too ... -.-

2006-01-30 [chuchutrain]: congrats to everyone ^^

2006-01-30 [Kaimee]: Ouch, oh well, I got about half way through writing Mother's Love before I had to go poof because I was just so goddamn sick of the characters :P

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