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Veltzeh's reading list

that is, stuff I've read or should read.

I've marked stuff I read only in English and stuff I read only in Finnish. If I haven't specified a language, I've read it in both Finnish and English at least partly.

Wraeththu by Storm Constantine (English)
The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit
The Bewitchments of Love and Hate
The Fulfilments of Fate and Desire (unfinished)
(To be read: the rest of it?)

The Reindeer People by Megan Lindholm (English) (unfinished)

Babylon 5: The Psi Corps Trilogy by Gregory J. Keyes (English)
Dark Genesis
Bester Ascendant
Final Reckoning

Pimeyden vasen käsi / The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula Le Guin
(To be read: the rest of the Ekumen series... )

Imajica by Clive Barker

Ikuisuuden loppu / End of Eternity by Isaac Asimov (Finnish) (unfinished)

Some finnish sci-fi book by ? (Finnish) (unfinished)

Kyberias / Cyberiada by Stanislaw Lem (Finnish)

School reading:
Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck (English)
MacBeth by Shakespeare (play) (English)
Hamlet (play) by Shakespeare (Finnish)
Crime and Punishment by Fedor Mihailovitš Dostojevski (Finnish)
Sivullinen by Albert Camus (Finnish)
Short story collection (?) (short stories) by several writers (Finnish)
Equus (play) by Peter Shaffer (English)
Educating Rita (play) by Willy Russell (English)
Absent Friends (play?) (?) by ? (English)
Viimeinen lapsitähti (short stories) by Maarit Verronen (Finnish)
Seitsemän veljestä by Aleksis Kivi (Finnish)
Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha by Roddy Doyle (English)
Tuntematon sotilas by Väinö Linna (Finnish) (unfinished)
Laulu tulipunaisesta kukasta by Johannes Linnankoski (play?) (Finnish)
Pöytään ja vuoteeseen: jatkokertomus kuukausi kuukaudelta, mukana rakkautta, ruokaohjeita ja kotoisia parannuskeinoja / Como aqua para chocolate: novela de enteregas mensuales con recetas, amores y remedios by Laura Esquivel (Finnish)
Sadan vuoden yksinäisyys / Cien anos de soledad by Gabriel García Márquez (Finnish)
Kristalliruusu (short stories) by Risto Isomäki (Finnish)
Sirens of Titan / Titanin seireenit by Kurt Vonnegut

2–4 Harry Potter books by J. K. Rowling (Finnish)

Matilda, Jaakko ja jättipersikka, Kuka pelkää noitia, Me salamestarit (that is, a lot of books and probably more and I've forgotten their names already) by Roald Dahl (Finnish)

Several sci-fi books whose names I have forgotten (Finnish)

Tripodien aika / The Tripods by John Christopher (Samuel Youd) (Finnish)
1: Viimeinen tukikohta / The White Mountains
2: Lyijykaupunki / The City of Gold and Lead
3: Tulinen pyörre / The Pool of Fire

Tales from Watership Down by Richard Adams (Finnish)

Some of the first books I read when I was a kid were
Watership Down / Ruohometsän kansa by Richard Adams
Rottaodysseia by Andrzej Zaniewski (Finnish)
Some Uppo-Nalle books by Elina Karjalainen (Finnish) (Sad, I know.)
Huge stacks of veterinarian books, in fact all I could find in the library (Finnish)
The last vet book (series) I read I left unfinished. I remember extremely vividly one scene from there, though. Two girls had been cruel to a horse or something, and when the vet got his chance, he grabbed a whip and chased the two girls like a madman! Veterinarian gore. Ecstasy.

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2007-02-08 [iippo]: Oooh, Equus! I'm going to go see it soon in a theatre :)

What did you think of Gabriel García Márquez's "Cien anos de soledad" (Hundred Years Of Solitude)?

2007-02-09 [Veltzeh]: Whoa, it's been a looong time... ;) It was very readable, though confusing at times, since it started with one huge flashback and all that stuff. Non-chronological storytelling tends to confuse me, heh. The listed book by Laura Esquivel is similar in style: magical realism.

2007-02-11 [Kiddalee]: Do you recommend Imajica by Clive Barker?

2007-02-11 [Veltzeh]: It depends what kind of stuff you like. It's somewhat travel-oriented and has a nice, fairly straightforward plot (I think) and for the most part, unoriginal but still interesting characters. Then there's the action part, where the main character experiences all kinds of new things and such... etc.

2007-02-11 [Kiddalee]: The word "Imajica" looks a bit like "Jamaica" scrambled.

2007-02-11 [Veltzeh]: I thought of "image" and "magic" first, then "imagination" and a general place name... X)

2007-02-14 [Kiddalee]: Yeah, I thought that, too, after I'd had a closer look so I wouldn't misread it as "Jamaica"

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