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BBC of [sequeena_rae]

Always under construction

Reading right now;

- The Scions of Shannara by Terry Brooks.
I love this series. I expect this book to be nothing but perfect.

Note; It is likely that these books are not in chronological order.

- The Pirates In An Adventure With Scientists by Gideon Defoe;
Wow! What an amazing book. Hilariously funny and short enough to keep you interested. I loved it so much I'm actually buying it for [Delladreing] as a late birthday present. None of the characters have names apart from Darwin and his brother Erasmus. They're just referred to as The Pirate Captain or the Pirate with an accordian. A little confusing, but easy to get over.

- Howl-A-Ween by Todd Strasser;
I bought this from [Delladreing]. It's obviously a children's book but I enjoyed it a lot. My mother is also reading it because the print is big enough for her. Not much to say about this book, it's a good read for kids or if you just want something to fill an hour.

- Death's Acre: Inside The Legendary 'Body Farm' by Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson;
Fascinating in a sick way. Will most likely read again.

- Prisoner of Ironsea Tower by Sarah Ash;
Need to read again.

- Conquest by Elizabeth Chadwick;
I enjoyed this immensely. I've read it about four times now and I've no doubt that I'll read it again.

- Sunshine by Robert McKinley;
Weird. Really weird. I'll have to read it again to wrap my head around it.

- Deception Point by Dan Brown;
I absolutely loved it. I couldn't put it down.

- Digital Fortress by Dan Brown;
It wasn't as good as Deception Point but I still enjoyed it.

- The Secret Of Crickley Hall by James Herbert;
I found this on a second hand stall in Neath Indoor Market. It was a nice read but not good as I expected it to be.

- Once... by James Herbert;
What a shock I had when I began to read this on Christmas morning. It's an erotic horror...Yes. It was different.

- The Magic Cottage by James Herbert;
I enjoyed it but I read it such a long time ago that I need to read it again.

- Haunted by James Herbert;
Need to read again.

- The Keys To The Kingdom Series by Garth Nix;
I've only read Mister Monday, Grim Tuesday, Drowned Wednesday and Lady Friday but oh my gosh do I love it! I would never had read them had my mother not bought the first three for my sister and I'm so glad she did!

- Lisey's Story by Stephen King;
I have to be honest, Stephen King isn't my favourite author. I can't get into his books for some reason and this was no different. It was just so mad that I had to read it a few pages at a time but by the end of it I really did enjoy the story. I don't know if I have the patience for any of his other books (I own three others; Pet Semetary, Susannah's Song and Nightmares and Dreamscapes.

- Wizard's First rule by Terry Goodkind;
I found this book by chance in a bookshop that has just opened in Swansea. I bought it for my sister but she has ten million other books to read so I gave it a go. I'm less than 100 pages in and I've been reading it for a month. I'm so slow because of work, but I'm enjoying it so far. I've heard from other people that this is the only good book in the series so I probably won't get the rest.

- The Shattering by Kathryn Lasky;
I have this terrible habit of buying a book only to find that it's the third or last in a series. This is the last in a series of five books. It's about...Owls. Which I find a little odd. I've literally only just started reading it so I'm still on the first chapter but I think it'll turn out to be a good quick read. It's obviously a book for teenagers, but I like it.

Need to finish;

- The Vampire Watcher's Handbook: A Guide For Slayers by Constantine Gregory;
Awesome layout.

- The Element Encylopedia Of 500 Spells by Judika Illes;
This could take a while...

- Pet Semetary by Stephen King;

Books I didn't like

- Whitemantle: The Third Coming of Arthur by Robert Carter
Something about a wizard called Gwydion, a bloke who I assume is Arthur reincarnated, a whiny wife and an evil brother. Maybe I should have read the first book. Didn't get my interest at all.

Recommended reads;

Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

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