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These are all the featured Members that have ever been featured on the Mainpage.

All entries are listed by the date that they were posted on the Mainpage, not when they were nominated.


Featured: September 2008: [Ash] FM: September2008
Featured: August 2008: [Mister Saint] FM: August2008
Featured: July 2008: [Kiddalee] FM: July2008
Featured: June 2008: [Font] FM: June2008
Featured: May 2008 : [bloody kisses] FM: May2008
Featured: April 2008 : [RiddleRoseFM:April2008
Featured: January 2008 : [dmeredith] FM:Jan2008
Featured: November 2007 : [Eleanor] FM:Nov2007
Featured: October 2007 : [Annie] FM:Oct07


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