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Featured Writings Archive


These are all the featured writings that have ever been featured on the Mainpage from when Featured Writings was created to the most recent writing posted on the mainpage now. 

All entries are listed by the date that they were posted on the Mainpage, not when they were nominated on the Nominated Writings page. 


Featured: June 2008
[shadoublood] - 744.Death - Rhyming Poetry
News Link: <URL:fmembers.html?last_read_fmembers=27>

Feautred: May 2008
[Mister Saint] - 79.Poetry.Ginsbergism 2008 - Free Verse Poetry
News Link: <URL:fmembers.html?last_read_fmembers=26>

Featured: April 2008
[Eleanor] - 668.Poetry.The Stars are Falling - Poetry/Free verse
News Link: <URL:fmembers.html?last_read_fmembers=25>

Featured: March 2008
[Jenna Rose] - 150.Contest Entries.Five Words - May - Drama/Contest Entry
News Link: <URL:fmembers.html?last_read_fmembers=24>

Featured: February 2008
[Sabrina Catherine] - 479.Happiness - Comedic Poetry
News Link: <URL:fmembers.html?last_read_fmembers=23>

Featured: January 2008
[aVorbiss] - 642.Poetry.The Nightmare - Macabre Poetry?
News Link: <URL:fmembers.html?last_read_fmembers=22>

Featured: December 2007
[Tyr Zalo Hawk] - 712.Stories.ShortStories.FlamesOfChange - Biographical, general prose
News Link: <URL:fmembers.html?last_read_fmembers=21>

Featured: November 2007
[Annie] - 415.Short Stories.Another Love - Short Fantasy Scene
News Link: <URL:fmembers.html?last_read_fmembers=20>

Featured: October 2007
[Fireheart] - 318.Short Stories.WWIII - Post-apocalyptic short fiction
News Link: <URL:fmembers.html?last_read_fmembers=19>

Featured: September 2007
[Phoxx] - 30.Poetry.Regenlied or Rainsong - Poetry
News Link: <URL:fmembers.html?last_read_fmembers=18>

Featured: August 2007
[mousepoet] - 243.If I were a sock - General Prose
News Link: <URL:fmembers.html?last_read_fmembers=17>

Featured: July 2007
[Eleanor] - 668.Prose.My neighbours, the Zwierszowskis - Short Fantasy Story
News Link: <URL:fmembers.html?last_read_fmembers=16>

Featured: June 2007
[non user] - 665.The Unicorn in Autumn - Fantasy/Poetry
News Link: <URL:fmembers.html?last_read_fmembers=15>

Featured: May 2007
[Straygeek] - 656.Tk - General Prose
News Link: <URL:fmembers.html?last_read_fmembers=14>

Featured: April 2007
[Mister Saint] - 79.Mature.Evening - Romantic/Erotic Poetry
News Link: <URL:fmembers.html?last_read_fmembers=13>

Featured: March 2007
[Kaimee] - 5.contest entries.staying lost - Mystery? Suspense?
News Link: <URL:fmembers.html?last_read_fmembers=12>

Featured: Late January 2007
[mousepoet] - 243.mousey's Poetry.Wounded Pride - Poetry
News Link: <URL:fmembers.html?last_read_fmembers=11>

Featured: Mid-December 2006
[kumquat] - 608.Let Me Feel Safe..Poetry - Poetry
News Link: <URL:fmembers.html?last_read_fmembers=10>

Featured: Mid-November 2006
[Nell] - 226.Stories.The Queen Marie - Short Story
News Link: <URL:fmembers.html?last_read_fmembers=9>

Featured: September 2006
[Kiddalee] - 225.Writing Exercises.Sleep Deprivation.The Hat - Modern Fantasy
News Link: <URL:fmembers.html?last_read_fmembers=8>

Featured: August 2006
[Nell] - 226.Stories.Must Escape - Comic Fantasy
News Link: <URL:fmembers.html?last_read_fmembers=7>

Featured: July 2006
[Po] - 80.Unconditional - Modern Fiction
News Link: <URL:fmembers.html?last_read_fmembers=6>

Featured: June 2006
[iippo] - 207.Human-People.Everyday Lies - Anecdote
News Link: <URL:fmembers.html?last_read_fmembers=5>


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