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A homophone is one of a set of words that are all pronounced alike, but are spelled differently. There are several of these words that I see mistaken fairly often, and it drives me out of my skull. Therefore, I am going to put together a little list of commenly mistaken homophones. If you have a pair, let me know!


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The List of Homophones


Patients - two or more people under medical care.
Patience - a virtue, the ability to keep one's focus and concentration even when forced to wait on something.


Mussels - a shelled mollusk, rather like a clam or oyster (plural).
Muscles - groups of tissue in the body, used for motion.


You know what these mean. Just keep them in mind.


Plain - 1. ordinary, unspectacular. 2. a large stretch of grassland.
Plane - 1. short for 'airplane.' 2. A surface in space. 3. A dimensional area of existence.


Bear - 1. To carry, either literally, or figuratively. 2. A large animal with powerful claws and a sizable butt. Also a famous stuffed animal.
Bare - 1. Naked, uncovered 2. empty, without substance 3. slight (loosely) as in a bare inch.


Board - 1. a flat piece of wood 2. A playing surface or a stage in a game. 3. A council.
Bored - 1. Having sense of apathy brought about by a lack of interest. 2. Having drilled a hole into something.


They're - The shortened version of "they are".
Their - the possessive form of "they".
There - A word that expresses place; location other than here.


Allowed - The past tense of the verb "allow" (admit, grant, accept etc.).
Aloud - 1. Adverb, the opposite of "silently" or "quietly". 2. Out loud, meant to be heard.


Your - Possessive form of you.
You're - Contraction, short for you are.


Pray - Verb meaning to offer praise or to petition a higher authority; hence prayer.
Prey - Verb meaning attack, hunt, depredate, victimize;
              Noun meaning game, quarry, victim.


Lose - Verb meaning to fail to win or keep.
Loose - 1. Adjective meaning not thick, taut or restrained, etc. 2. Verb meaning to free or make looser.


Threw - Past tense of the verb "throw"; to toss something.
Through - Adverb, preposition, from the beginning to the end.


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2005-06-02 [Veltzeh]: Added the two sets... technically the " - " there should be a dash... like " – ". I'm a super-nitpicker. ;)

2005-06-02 [Mister Saint]: I can tell. If you'd like you can fix it... the whole dash thing is one of a few aspects of grammar I've not quite mastered. ^_^

2005-12-08 [iippo]: Tough English - meant to be funny but is amazingly educational for this wiki, check it out.

2005-12-30 [Emily]: Add 'Your/You're' in there, too!

2006-01-01 [iippo]: Yeah, it's surprising how many people get that wrong. And it is pain to read when they do... -_-

2006-01-01 [Mister Saint]: By the way guppies, since I'm technically not in charge of anything anymore, feel free to add your own to this list. If it gets too long, we might alphabetize it or something. ^-^

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