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2006-06-25 09:58:21
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Current topic: Wrong is right.
(Feel free to add to the lists)

Things that might be morally wrong:
-cheating on spouse/partner
-neglect/dodging responsibilities
-disobeying rules
-dealing with taboos
-disrespect for parents
-drug abuse
-certain sexual acts (S&M, anal, oral, etc...)
-eating meat / animal products; or eating animals above a certain level of intelligence (ie: whales, dogs, bears)
-leisure hunting
-gender discrimination

Books that deal with this topic:
Tom Sharpe -- Indecent Exposure
It is basically humour, very black humour at that. The story is set in South Africa (around the 80s or earier?) and all the main characters are white, having the idea that South Africa should be rid of black people completely, and that there's nothing wrong with apartheid. It is quite a puzzling read. All the main character's are laughing stock, but for someone serious about race-questions laughing might be a bit difficult at times.

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2006-05-02 [RiddleRose]: er... i don't mean to be rude... but you could create a lot of controversy by putting "homosexuality" and "abortion" on the "morally wrong" list. perhaps you mean just in the context of the book?

2006-05-02 [iippo]: The "morally wrong" is what YOU reader think morally wrong. And some people do consider those things morally wrong, so they could read a book about abortion, and tell us how it made them feel. I know it can cause controversy, but I say on the beginning page that there is no need to be politically correct. We are interested in YOUR own thoughts and how you deal with a book that talks of something morally wrong (to you). I'd be incredibly interested to see an anti-abortionist read a book about a woman who has an abortion. Does the reader see her point of view? How does the reader find the character? Disgusting? Understandable? Confusing?

2006-05-02 [RiddleRose]: aha! thank you for clearing that up. ^_^

2006-05-04 [iippo]: Damn it, I just realised something. If I was to follow my own advice here, I'd read a yaoi-manga. >.< Because it's something I'm quite uncomfortable with and opposed to. >.<;;;

2006-05-05 [Kiddalee]: But you can find people you're opposed to in most books, and they don't have to be the main characters, nor even villain-types.

2006-05-05 [iippo]: But for the discussion it shouldn't be a villain, because the reader is usually supposed to be anti-villain, and the wrong should be presented by the book as something acceptable (possibly only acceptable in the situation, like killing in war for example).

2006-05-06 [Kiddalee]: Can't they just be secondary characters, though?

2006-05-06 [iippo]: Hmm, if the reader symphatizes with them, then I guess, but it should be someone quite central. So to use an example, from the Harry Potter -books, Hermione and Ron would be ok as they are central, but someone like Ginny or Dumbledore would already be too much of a side-kick character.

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