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This page contains outdated info about the old Novel Writing Workshop

maintained by [RiverStar]. A more recent version of the workshop is now maintained by [Annie] at the regular wiki, Novel Writing Workshop.


- [RiverStar]: 149.Novel Writing Workshop I am running this workshop, but I will also be participating.
- [SleepingDragon]: Very interested particpant
- [Veltzeh]: 39.Novel Writing Workshop
- [Metal Tsubasa]: I need to get at least one finished... I have bits and peices that need to be put together
- [Nell]: 226.NWW I have always wanted to this this, but
I never knew where to begin. I can't wait to start!
- [RiddleRose] maybe after three years I'll actually get something finished! I really need to END this novel.
- [Yaumi] Oooh! This's the place for me! :D I wanna end my novel too, for once. ^^'
- [Aeolynn]: I'm actually in the middle of writing a novel, but hopefully this will help make it better!
- [GaiaWolf]: Always wanted to write one, never got very far. I actually have a story I started that is a mere couple of pages. It's really too bad I don't know what the plot is. lol.
- [Phoxx] 30.Novel Writing Workshop Hopes this will help me create the story I have in mind and that it will motivate me to write more often.
- [~*Lonely Wanderer*~] I hope I'm not to late to start this..I just started to try and write a novel..
- [Child of God]: 416.Novel Writing Workshop
- [Annie]: 415.Books in Progress.Novel Writing Workshop
- [Ash] 102.Novel Writing Workshop

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In your writings please start a subpage called "Novel Writing Workshop" which will include each of the activities you do for this workshop. Whenever you are in doubt of instructions, you can check my writing section for my section as I will always have my work posted at the same time as I update this workshop.


Part 1 - Building a Story
1.1 - Fitting into Conventions
1.2 - The Crisis
1.3 - The Crisis (Continued)
1.4 - The Story Goal

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