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The staff at WritersCo-heddate are the ones who are responsible for creating and running writing related contests, greeting and assisting new members, overseeing forum activity, creating useful and fun wiki pages, posting news on the mainpage and a lot more. They are also the ones who you can go to if you ever have any questions regarding WritersCo, and are always willing to help if they can.

WritersCo has four main areas in which the staff fall into, these sections all have their own responsibilities, features to look after and ways of working. The four sections are Writing, Members, WC/Staff, and Technical.


WritersCo Staff

Community Bosses

General Staff
[Tyr Zalo Hawk]

Technical Staff


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2010-11-22 [Ash]: For that, you may have to check with Hedda to see if badges for activity is even possible on a heddate site. I don't know how they would track that.

2010-11-22 [Annie]: Ya, hence my thought that it would take a lot of effort and may be impossible with the format of the site. It would probably require some new formatting for the site or something, especially if it were to be relatively automated.

2010-11-22 [Ash]: Yeah, otherwise, it would be an awesome idea, Annie. Oh, did you want to do badges for the November contest as official WC or unofficial? I figured that since Nano was kind of a big deal, it'd be nice to have a Official November badge for how you placed.

I was also wondering if you would add Tyr to the staff page, he's a level 4 mod, I'd do it, but I'm only a level 5 mod, I don't have enough privileges yet.

2010-11-22 [Ash]: I am working on this page, which will help us, the staff, devlop ideas! WC To-Do

2010-11-22 [Annie]: Oh ok..what would he fall under? General Staff? For WC badges hmm...of course I'm always loving official badges on the profiles, but I'm not sure what jurisdiction I have over that...maybe if they followed the usual format of badges so they blended in well, and maybe if they were something that could be reused so that they would never become archaic or anything like that. Like, something that we could write "I'm a (insert number of NaNo wins here) winner of NaNoWriMo." Or something like that. That way nobody would have like 5 NaNo badges on their profile or anything. And that way it wouldn't get cluttered and we wouldn't have people getting weird about it. Of course, this rules out putting "2010" or anything on them..

2010-11-22 [Annie]: I'm messing around with Verbal Combat. I would totally love to see this come back...Maybe when NaNo is complete I'll put up an announcement or something. You all should create a character if it so pleases you... ^_^

2010-11-22 [Ash]: Tyr would be general staff like us.

I think we should do an official badge, all my badges will be unofficial as I am making a zombie apoc. theme. I can make up a badge and submit it to NaNoWriMo Support.

2010-11-22 [Annie]: Oh haha...awesome! Alright that's great.

2010-11-29 [Ash]: GUYS! I want a rules change! I think FF should be allowed on the writings and have their own genre 'Fan-Fiction'. We are loosing out with Font's old rule of not having it! Most of the rules don't even apply anymore. i think we need to take a serious look at what will kill the WC again.

2010-11-29 [Veltzeh]: What do you mean "most of the rules don't apply"? I think most of the rules should apply! I don't care about allowing fan fiction though, so changing that is fine by me. ;) [Hedda] might want to say something about that though, since technically fan fiction is often a copyright infringement, even if people rarely care about that.
(Also loose and lose are different words. X))

2010-11-29 [Annie]: Fanfiction is a definitely needs a place somewhere because it's a legitimate form of writing, but copyright can be difficult. It seems like WC ought to be one of the few places where it's acceptable to share it, since this is a password-protected, sharing community. I don't really know how the laws work, but it seems like, as long as the author isn't planning to 1) sell the work, 2) make any profit off the work, 3) present the copyright parts as their own...then it should be okay for sharing on WC. But I don't really know. It's sad if we can't figure out some way fanfiction can be allowed, since it is creative and worthwhile in the way that it allows people to weave stories with well-known and/or loved characters and universes.

2010-11-29 [Ash]: All we have to do is state what belongs to the author, give the author name and state that it is a fan-fiction. BTW, hosting a fan-fiction cannot get us in trouble if we moderate it carefully to see that they are not abused, such as pornographic FFs.

I'll volunteer to make up the rules governing and monitoring FFs. I don't think we need the rules on the notice, I mean really. Who cares if it says 'had a great time shopping' it gives people a little more freedom as long as it is not offensive.

2010-11-29 [Annie]: Ohh first I was like...rules on the notice to fanfiction? Confusion...but now I get it. :P I admit I was a little surprised by the notice rules; didn't realize they were quite so strict. I realize the idea was to make WC more focused on writing and less like a social-networking site, but it does seem a bit extreme to restrict the notices in those ways. Especially when notices are so strikingly similar to "moods" on social-networking sites where they're used for a lot of the things that are forbidden here. I think most people don't even realize it's not allowed. I admit, I've written personal, non-writing-related things in my notice before without even realizing I was breaking the rules. >.< Of course, nobody called me out on it either.

2010-11-29 [Veltzeh]: I'm actually the person who got the notices restricted that way! ;D I dislike the way "moods" show up everywhere and most of the time I don't want to see them at all.
Why would pornographic fanfic be "worse" than non-pornographic? Also, the writing-pages (or super-wiki) is not a password-protected part of the site, it's viewable to anyone. The regular wiki, on the other hand, can be password-protected.

2010-11-30 [Ash]: Well, it could be damage to intellectual property. Though they are technically 'public figures' you still can't do anything that would damage their 'image'. Weird, right?

Veltzeh, I know you like the idea of not seeing 'moods' so could you make it a turn-off feature to it? That would be cool.

2010-11-30 [Annie]: Wow, this whole time I thought the writings were also protected just like everything else. I'm so of the most appealing aspects of WC to me was the fact that it's a password-protected community, which means that technically you haven't published your writing even digitally, so your first publication rights are still intact. Oh well, I'll find a way around it...

2010-11-30 [Ash]: Yep, I think there is a way, I just don't know it. Good luck with finding it.

2010-11-30 [Annie]: I figured it out... ;) Sneaky am can make it so that only members of a certain forum can see each page. So I created a private forum that anyone who wants to read my writings has to become a member of. :) I feel rather spiffy. ^_^

2010-11-30 [Ash]: Awesome, you have your own fan club! I'll join!

2010-11-30 [Annie]: Hehe ^_^ I'll invite you. :D :P Premier member.

2010-11-30 [Ash]: Yep, I should do that with mine, but I'm kind of lazy...

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