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2007-07-10 21:44:01
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So you think you can come up with an idea that will help imrove WritersCo technically. The best thing to do is get it written down on a wiki and post a link below, so that we can all have a good look at it. We all want a community that everyone can enjoy and that everyone should feel a member of, so when it comes to all those technical issues and new features, you should all get a say too.

There are some areas that we are still working on, so keep these in mind when you are thinking up some of your own ideas. When you have thought something up, stick it in a wiki and list the link below.


Ideas we are working on

> Format the main writing index page to look more tidy
> Implement a points system for active members
> Automatic nominate writing button

Your new technical Ideas

Add your ideas here - ideally you should have the name of the wiki as the idea. e.g. 'Implementing a Points System'

> Indentation (first paragraph indentation, you know, the way they do it in real books) for writing pages
> Have a Writing Pages search as there is for Wiki-pages (as seen in the right side panel).
 >> Possibly make that box capable of both looking up pages by the exact link, and also searching by keyword or through text or something.


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2006-10-05 [iippo]: Is this a subtle hint that you'd prefer suggestions in the wiki instead of the forum? Or working together with the forum (so suggestions here can be discussed in the forum)?

2006-10-05 [Veltzeh]: I'd think this is the good place to record the good suggestions so that they won't come up again and be discussed once a month... right?

2006-10-05 [Kiddalee]: I think it would be useful for this place to serve a similar purpose to that of the forum, for people who don't like to use the forums. Of course, the style here would have to be more of a presentation than a conversation.

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