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Suggestions are always welcome. If you do have something you would like to suggest please post it in the comments section. Please feel free to suggest ideas for contests, or interactive areas for members.


Under Consideration

A points system for members who contribute to the community

We are looking at some form of point/reward system for members who help out or are active. Badges will hopefully be rewarded according to points.
*Idea from [Annie], site staff

Real-time Chat

Would be awesome to have some sort of real-time chat where people online could go just to sit down and talk. Much more convenient than comments, and better than having to get somebody's MSN or Yahoo or whatever. Would be nice if you didn't have to enter a name, it just took your name from your profile.
*Idea from [Annie], site staff
** Implemented by [Veltzeh]: WritersCo chat. You have to enter a name now, but otherwise it's rather convenient.

Nano Badges


Fan Fiction System

1) To approve fan fiction as a genre on WritersCo (needs to be in the list of genres for adding writings).
  a. Could be that when "fan fiction" is selected from the list of genres, a message displays beneath it saying that it will require approval and authors should check the "fan fiction rules" (to be created) to make sure they comply.
  b. Need a field for author of original characters/story
2) To create an approval system so that new fan fiction items are brought to the attention of staff for approval.
3) To create a fan fiction rules wiki.
4) To create a list of author approvals or disapprovals of fan fiction (started here: Fan Fiction Owner Bans & Guidelines).

Fixing keywords and heading

The "keywords" and "heading" fields on the writing pages (superwiki) are mixed up. The heading apparently ends up not being used at all, and all the keywords go awkwardly to the title of the page! [Hedda] needs to fix this.


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2005-03-30 [-deleted-]: What about writersco graphics?

2005-03-30 [Font]: The community has a greater focus on writing rather than art, so at the moment the only graphics I have considered are ones to be used on official pages. Plus I would like to avoid houses being cluttered with imagery. But then it would make things a little more colourful and attractive.

2005-04-02 [Kaimee]: what would go in the ezine? lots of featured writing? everything? art??? id be interested in dealing with that if you need anyone eventually :)

2005-04-02 [Kieli]: once again, let me know if you need my help ^_^

2005-04-02 [Font]: [Kaimee]: See message. [Kieli] will do :)

2005-04-02 [The Dark lord]: Yep same with me, if there is anything you need doing or any jobs available!

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