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2006-03-26 17:27:18
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When Life Turns Against You by [Fuzzysabeast]


When life turns agianst you


Judging will be based on three criterias:

Correct Punctuation

Proper Grammar

Proper Spelling


All entries must be original pieces created by the participant for this contest.

I am extending the deadline until the 25th of March. That gives everyone five more days to get their writing done.
Deadline subject to change.


I will be awarding the top three stories 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place badges for them to show on their presentations. I will also critique the first place story.

1. [SleepingDragon] 268.Mandy's Retribution <img:>
2. [Kuzco]: 212.When life turns against you<img:>
3. [~solitaire~] 332.After the war <img:>

Please come to me for any questions about the winnings![Fuzzysabeast]

Username (or number or email):


2006-02-22 [cabhan]: still not making any sense at all...

2006-02-22 [SleepingDragon]: Once you have your entry written and uploaded to your writings, click on 'Edit this page' and look at how the others have done it. It's basically [ housenumber.storyname @ writings ] without the spaces. Hope that helped.

2006-02-23 [cabhan]: hmmmn yes... ill try - cant guarantee anything though...

2006-02-23 [*Amy*]: it gets easier everytime you do it:) I promise!;)

2006-02-26 [~solitaire~]: Heya! Im kinda new here.. so i thought that by entering a few contests I might meet a few people on this thing! I hope my piece is ok- do attack me with consctructive criticism!! Later!

2006-02-26 [SleepingDragon]: Hi ~Solitaire~ ! Welcome!

2006-02-26 [~solitaire~]: Thank you!Its gonna take ages to catch up with the amazing work that everyone has submitted but Ill try my best! ^_^

2006-02-26 [Fuzzysabeast]: Thanks for entering ~Solitaire~.

2006-02-26 [~solitaire~]: Don't mention it! Happy to take part!!

2006-03-03 [Fuzzysabeast]: All great entries so far. I thank you all for paticipating! :D

2006-03-23 [Winkx]: Is there a deadsline? And Fuzzy? Your house looks fine! :D Um and why can't I get to your contest "The Other Side"?

2006-03-23 [Fuzzysabeast]: The Deadline is on the 25th of this month.

2006-03-24 [Winkx]: Uhoh.......

2006-03-24 [Winkx]: Can it have a happy ending?

2006-03-24 [Fuzzysabeast]: yeah I guess it coud

2006-03-24 [Winkx]: YAY! *does happy fan dance*

2006-03-26 [~solitaire~]: Am I seeing things or does it say that I came first up there...?

2006-03-27 [Kaimee]: congrats ;)

2006-03-27 [~solitaire~]: wow.. that's so odd. Thank you!!

2006-03-27 [Winkx]: Goodie JOB!

2006-03-28 [SleepingDragon]: Congrats on 1st and a well written piece ~solitaire~ !! Congrats to Kuzco too! Fun comp. I enjoyed this one a lot. :D

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