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2007-03-02 03:00:29
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Writersco Welcome Mats


by [Kiddalee]
(Oldest Stylesheet Version)

(Old Stylesheet Version)

created by [PamelaT]
Note: intended for use against the darker house background.

Images by [pixie_shimmer]
<img:stuff/welcomebluerose.jpg>  <img:stuff/welcomegoldrose.jpg>

<img:stuff/welcomepinkrose.jpg>  <img:stuff/welcomeorangeflow.jpg>

<img:stuff/welcomeblueflow.jpg>   <img:stuff/welcomeflowerpink.jpg>


Images by [Fuzzysabeast]

Images by [*Amy*]


Images by [Atayemi]

There is an image here! It's just white. ;)

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2005-11-15 [Kiddalee]: Question: I have a welcome message that I wouldn't mind sharing, but it reflects little artistic effort and skill on my part (mind you, my skills aren't very high in the first place). Would you guys still accept it here? It's in my house.

2005-11-15 [Mister Saint]: Based on the rules outlined (by me! yay!) it's acceptable. This is a writer's site, after all, not an artist's, so you won't be judged on art. ^^

2005-11-15 [Kiddalee]: Alright! ***addsadds***

2007-02-14 [Jenna Rose]: I hope I'm not making too many... I just make banners when I'm bored, and I really enjoy it, but I have trouble finding things to make them for.

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