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Writing Software

Writer's Blocks
This program is used to organise chapter scenes and more with a drag-and-drop "blocks" approach to plot organizing. Writer's Block is Windows only, and a 30-day free trial can be found at the link above.

Open Office
This is simply a word processor, but nothing is more essential to a writer then a high-quality WP program. Though many of you might have something like Microsoft Office or Word Perfect, I personally suggest Open Office. Why? It has the full compatibility (and VERY similar interface) of MS Office yet at a much more reasonable price tag... FREE. :P
(This is often found in Linux distros, and there are versions of OpenOffice for Mac, Windows, Linux, Unix, BSD, and more.)

Dramatica Pro
This is a useful plot developing piece of software that I've dabbled around with a little bit. It helps you form an organisational pattern for your story, plus it takes the very beginning thoughts for your story and helps you expand them into something much bigger. A free demo is on the site, Dramatica Pro is a MAC/Windows piece of software. (NOTE: Mac users... this is made for OS9 only... you must have "classic support" installed to run it on OSX.)

Power Structure
Power Structure is outlining software with a story development in mind. If you are a writer who’s learned your craft you want software that will learn the way you do things, your terminology, and sense of style... this is one I suggest. It's easy to customise and I've played around with it a bit myself... it runs rather well.

This isn't software just for writing stories per se, instead it creates graphical organisers to represent concepts and such, complex outlines, and more that can help stories, presentations, and even school reports.

This site has hundreds of interactive prompt programs, some online, some available for download.

Free and quite effective tool especially for NaNoWriMo. The important features are listed on the main page.

A very good program for keeping track of chapters, characters, viewpoints, word count and almost anything imaginable. Unfortunately only seems to support .txt files.


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2007-11-06 [Veltzeh]: and – should I figure out something intelligible to write about them, or can I just add the links and maybe some simple sentence?

2007-11-08 [Kiddalee]: Just give people an idea, I think. The entries already in here range from one sentence to a paragraph. If you want, you can write up a whole wiki-page on something and link to that as well.

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