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The WritersCo community has been especially designed to accommodate writers of all genres, but in order to keep things orderly and somewhat sane; we have to present some form of rule structure. Below you will find rules related to imagery, your presentation and the writings. For rules about your behaviour visit rules:behaviour.

Also look at Terms and Conditions to see the terms for use of WritersCo.

As you may have noticed there is only a photo slot option available, unlike communities such as Elftown or Elfpack. This slot is to be used preferably for a photograph of you. However, as we are all aware, some people do not feel comfortable uploading an image of themselves and instead use a drawn image. As such we have some rules about the images permitted for this slot and the member’s presentation.


Your Presentation
The description in your presentation is for you to write about yourself (if you are a writer) or your submission guidelines (if you are an agent/publisher). You should try to put your stories/poems etc in the writings section (by uploading it to the super wiki). Do not put questionnaires, quiz results, or any other irrelevant text/imagery in your description. Your description should be about you as a writer or your submission guidelines as a literary company.

You should not copy any text that you didn't write into your description. If you wish to add a quote or extract from someone else's work, then you must credit that author for the quote by name and the title of their work.

A short excerpt/sample from your own writing is permitted in the description, to a maximum of 500 characters.


Imagery – What is not allowed in your Presentation

1.) Celebrity/band images – No reason to have in your house.
2.) Movie or game imagery – Unless a book of yours has made it to the silver screen.
3.) Pornographic images or images depicting extreme violence.*
4.) Animated images/funny images/quiz images/random images
5.) Copyrighted images/images you do not have express permission to use. We "will" contact the owner.
6.) "Assembled" images like those from the various internet doll-makers, since you didn't create the elements.
7.) Wiki banners that contain any of the above.

* Any image that depicts violence, or is associated with hate crimes; violence will not be tolerated and should not be uploaded.

You must not inline images from other sites.

The crew holds the right to remove any imagery that they see unfit for the community from any house at any time. Their word is final.


Imagery on Wiki-Pages

Many images that break one or more rules above may be posted on a wiki-page, but only if the page is non-public.*

The following images aren't allowed anywhere on Writersco, including the wiki:

1.) Pornographic Images
2.) Images depicting extreme violence.
3.) Images associated with hate crimes.

*To be non-public, a wiki page must not be linked to from the forum, your presentation, a notice, or a public wiki-page. Basically, it can't be linked to from anywhere the link can be publically seen. You can still show it to your friends via private messages, but don't start advertising it to random members.


Stories – What is not permitted

1.) Fan-Fiction: As of current, Fan-Fiction is only allowed on the wikis. The author takes full responsibility for the content of the Fan-Fiction, and Writers-co is not responsible for anything. See What is fanfiction? for more details on this matter.

2.) Plagiarized or stolen work: All writing should be original. If a piece is found not to be so, the member will be banned. 

3.) "How to create illegal cds," "win £1000," etc. documentation and so forth are not considered appropriate material for this community and therefore should not be uploaded.

Stories – What is permitted

1.) All genres are welcome, but we do ask that you refrain from uploading any material that is deemed illegal or not suitable for the community. 

2.) Concepts such as extreme violence or explicit sexual references are acceptable, provided that you state clearly on the page that it contains such material.


Notices - What is permitted
1.) Advertising a writing, wiki-page, blog, forum, poll, or some other WritersCo-related feature.
(Example: "Read the rules! You know you wanna!")
2.) Explaining your status on WritersCo.
(Example: "Gone from 4-13 to 4-27")
3.) Announcing upcoming WritersCo-related projects or giving status reports on in-progress Writersco-related projects.
(Example: "Sequel to 'On a Moonbeam' almost finished!")
4.) Announcing writing-related news.
(Example: "GeekLit magazine is accepting submissions again!")
5.) Announcing your own writing-related status.
(Example: "Submitting to publisher, wish me luck!")
6.) Advertise your homepage... if it relates directly to your writing.

Notices - What is not permitted
1.) Announcing your general mood.
(Example: "So lonely.")
2.) Posting story, song, or poem quotes, even original ones. This is because moderators can't be expected to recognize all of them and it will create problems.
(Example: "Nevermore.")
3.) Commenting on a change in Writersco.
(Example: "Yay! Moods!")
4.) Advertising anything that's not related to either WritersCo or writing.
5.) Being anything not listed in the "can" list.
6.) No imagery whatsoever!


The crew retains the right to add, amend or remove any of these rules at any time, without any prior warning. 


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2005-04-30 [Veltzeh]: Hmm... how about sexually explicit or very violent stories?

2005-05-07 [Stephen]: That really doesn't suprise me you asked that Veltzeh, lol

2005-05-09 [Veltzeh]: Hmm... typo: documention -> documentation?

2005-05-09 [Font]: Thanks! Well spotted ;)

2005-05-09 [Veltzeh]: Well, I am the living spell-check so I need to live up to the title! Actually, now that I'm at it... "Somewhat" should be written together and "The crew retain" should be "The crew retains". XD

2005-05-09 [Font]: hmm you have become annoying :P

2005-05-09 [Veltzeh]: Haha :D

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