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Mordred  Writings  (Current Project: The Ballad of Mordred.)

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Name: S.N. Quinn


Newest picture. I got a haircut! Taken 1/29/08.

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Salutations, friend. [Mordred] here. Before we get into anything major, let me introduce myself. My name (well, pen name) is Symon Quinn (Sy for short), I'm sixteen years old, an FTM transgender (that's female-to-male), and homosexual (rather, I'm a gay male in a lesbian's body - don't ask). But none of that really matters in the literary world, now, does it? Don't let my age fool you - I've been writing for many years now, and I aim to do so long after I'm through with my formal education.

Above everything else, writing is what I love to do most. I specialize in fantasy and LGBTQ literature, but every so often, I'll dabble in other genres as well.

My current project is a multichapter short story called Deeper Sense. It's a fantasy/horror story (with a smidge of romance to come in later chapters), and I'm rather proud of it at present. It's not something for the squeamish, as it's rather violent and gory, so I wouldn't suggest reading it if that bothers you. I also would suggest steering clear of my work if homosexuality bothers you. It features heavily in most (if not all) of my work, and that is not going to change any time soon. I'm taking a break from DS for now.

Now that that's all through, I hope you enjoyed reading my long-winded introduction, and I hope you enjoy my writing even more.

Best wishes,
Symon Quinn.

On Elfpack, I'm known as [ROKK the RAINBOW] - feel free to send me a message there if you like. ♥ On Linkmeet, I'm also [Mordred].

I got third in the Five Words Contest for June '07! ♥

I placed second in the Five Words Contest for July '07! ^o^

Second place (again) in Five Words for August '07~!

Woo-hoo! I placed first in Five Words for September '07! ♥♥

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