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Post nr: 5323
Author: pheonix1984 Posted: (5805 days ago)
Subject: Critique (Texts: 2 )

Recently I have written a very short story based upon the legend of the sirens. However, I'm not completely happy with it, and was hoping a few people would be willing to read it and make a few suggestions as to what they liked and what they did not. Suggestions are more than welcome. Thank you :)


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Author: Emily (Post your Faves :) favorite quotes) Posted: (5833 days ago)
Subject: Touchy subject (Texts: 4 )

I have been assigned to write a screenplay and film an independent film in my film studies class on the subject of rape.

I have decided that it will not be a stereotyped rape of a woman walking down the street and being raped by a total stranger, but instead a young teen raping another young teen.

I know this is a very touchy subject for some people, so no need to reply unless you feel you can be open, but I would appreciate any help I can get.

I am not focused on how 'it feels' because I know through my own personal experience. I'm focused more on how I can write a tasteful screenplay and then turn that into a tasteful film appropriate for school, but still with a strong message.


Post nr: 5041
Author: RiverStar Posted: (5916 days ago)
Subject: Airport Horror Stories (Texts: 7 )

I am going to be writing a play soon that will be performed next weekend.

I am planning to write it about the new crazy in airport security.

I was wondering if any of you had personal stories of things you experienced with airport security that you wouldn't mind sharing.



Post nr: 4899
Author: RiddleRose (Anyone still here?) Posted: (5963 days ago)
Subject: Background (Texts: 22 )

Does anyone know where I can find some sort of account of the fall of Satan? I need some background for a story I'm writing...


Post nr: 4898
Author: RiddleRose (Anyone still here?) Posted: (5963 days ago)
Subject: Dream Inspiration (Texts: 5 )

I'm having some trouble remembering a dream I had last night. I remember parts of it, and sort of, the general feeling, but I'm missing a bunch of the details. I really want to turn it into a story while staying as true to the dream as I can, but I need the details. Any tips? And does anyone else here get tons of their inspirations from dreams?


Post nr: 3990
Author: Jabbress (Plese join The Last Battel Please!!!!!!) Posted: (6086 days ago)
Subject: Help!! Trying to make a characte evil (Texts: 15 )

In my book The missing peace council One of my characters,Lord Bladen Krest turn against the group and then go evil again. I need some help on this. He has a great history and i want it to slip into him becoming evil and then good again. 


Post nr: 3918
Author: Kiddalee (I'm here. Bwahahaha!) Posted: (6092 days ago)
Subject: Gleaning Original Work From Fanfiction (Texts: 10 )

  I have been dreaming up a fandom for the past few months. Note: dreaming up, not writing down. I just don't ethically support writing fanfictions. However, I am hooked on this story for the elements in it which have nothing to do with the original writer's trademark, things like flaming youth and broken spirits, and I know I have to write something down.
  In fact, this story has given rise to something original, but I'm in danger of crowding out my own work with the other person's. I suppose even fear plays a role in hindering me.
  Any suggestions on how to stay focused on my real story, without bringing unnecessary and unoriginal elements into it? And how not to be scared to death of doing so?


Post nr: 3858
Author: dmeredith Posted: (6098 days ago)
Subject: A Site Full of Perfect Writers... (Texts: 9 )

Hello! <echoes hello, hello, hello...> I guess the lack of activity on this forum lately suggests a bunch of people having an extrordinarily great amount of luck in their writing. Anybody got something to talk about? Some amazing new project you're working on? Anything at all?


Post nr: 3767
Author: dmeredith Posted: (6109 days ago)
Subject: Readers Wanted! (Texts: 4 )

As those of you who already know me have probably heard ad nosium I am nearing the end of the first draft of my novel (currently tentitively titled 'The Sankei Chrincles', but that will probably be the series title not the individual novel). I'm going to start pitching it this spring, but I would like some folks to mosey on over to my presentation and take a look. I always appreciate constructive critisism about anything, but specifically I am looking for some sort of concensus about which section of the piece would be best to send out as a sample chapter. I'll get the completed document up as soon as its finished, but most of what I've got right now is already up. I've proofed it briefly but haven't done significant revisions yet. I plan to work on that extensively after I finish the first draft but I will say that I've gotten positive feedback so far from the people who have been reading it already. Anyway, if anyone has got some time please take a look and let me know what's good, bad, and/or ugly! You can also check out the short pieces I've got up too, but you should probably steer clear of the academic articles unless you're really into English Second Language Education! Anyway thanks! <sits down in front of screen and waits for comments to come pouring in>


Post nr: 3733
Author: dmeredith Posted: (6113 days ago)
Subject: Securing Your Document (Texts: 3 )

This is perhaps a totally random comment, but it's a question I had myself. Before I sent out stuff I'd written I was worried about someone ripping me off. The question I asked people I knew who knew was what could I do to insure that I got credit for writing what I'D written. What they told me was honestly surprising. First, if you go to untoward lengths to protect yourself it can actually sour publishers toward your work. It makes their life more difficult in terms of getting the rights and they tend to feel upset by the distrustful attitude of the author, but there are things you can do. The easiest way to verify that your work is yours is to seal a copy of it in an envelope and then mail it to yourself registered mail. When it arrives do NOT open, but keep the sealed envelope for your records. If anyone ever tries to rip you off this is generaly enough proof to stand up in court, if you need to sue someone. It's really easy to do and anyone thinking of publishing should do it before they start shipping their stuff around. Good Luck!


Post nr: 3646
Author: iippo (The Rater's Guild - Rate writings, kids!) Posted: (6130 days ago)
Subject: Letter writing (Texts: 15 )

Some people are saying that due to e-mail and SMS and all that jazz, the art of writing proper letters is vanishing. So as I'm not much of a fiction-writer, I've taken up a project here in WC to write letters (that will never get sent, to people who possibly don't even exist -- I guess I want to trick the historians a little :P).

So I'd like to hear suggestions: what kind of letters should be written? What kind of letters should be received? And by who?

My latest plan is to write a formal but bitter letter to an ex-employer who fired "me" for wrong reasons... You know, the kind of letter you'd write when you're drunk and then regret sending it the next day.


Post nr: 3007
Author: Metal Tsubasa Posted: (6166 days ago)
Subject: Writing a great death (Texts: 58 )

I'm trying to work on a death scene, which is really important, because it's the death of a very famous god (in my story at least) and I've really come to almost... shall we say, befriend that character. I want his death to be really amazing and unique... How am I going to do that?


Post nr: 1874
Author: Moorn (New name: Mister Saint) Posted: (6375 days ago)
Subject: Trying again (Texts: 8 )

Let's say that a certain mammal is writing a historical fiction, based in a society that doesn't really exist anymore. Said mammal can't write his story without dialogue, but he doesn't really know how people of the time would have spoken. Does he just write as he normally would, or come up with some slang expressions or something similar?


Post nr: 1448
Author: Moorn (New name: Mister Saint) Posted: (6392 days ago)
Subject: Synopsis (Texts: 4 )

I'm trying to write a synopsis for my book, and it's proving to be something of a... well, let's say that my desk now has an imprint of my head on the surface.

Does anybody have any thoughts, ideas, or advice about that particular process?


Post nr: 1382
Author: Moorn (New name: Mister Saint) Posted: (6398 days ago)
Subject: Formulaic Writing (Texts: 3 )

Hello, all. I think perhaps the biggest problem I have personally in writing, and one of the ones I see most often when critiquing, is writing that tends to adhere to a particular formula. For example, most of my stories contain some kind of conspiracy/betrayal twist that I never plan, but it just seems to happen. I've tried writing from different perspectives, different genres, reading different material, but it just always seems to happen. Any thoughts?


Post nr: 67
Author: Sairahiniel (New name: Kieli) (Oh, a peanut! My peanut.) Posted: (6458 days ago)
Subject: Empty forum... (Texts: 25 )

*makes an echo*

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