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Writing Critique Rules


Welcome to the Writing Critique Section of WritersCo, here you can offer up your work to gain a critique from other members. Having others critique your work can often help you with what you are trying to write or how you are trying to tell your story. The important thing to remember that whatever is said is only one persons opinion and you the writer will always have the choice as to what to pay heed to.


Rules of Critiquing

1.) Critique the writing, never the writer. Never use, "You are..." or "You should..." Instead use, "The writing is..." or "The writing should..."

2.) Remember what your biases are and critique around them.

3.) Always try to find what is good in the writing as well as what is wrong.

4.) Remember that subject matter is personal. You don't have to like a story to give it a fair critique for things like grammar and punctuation.

5.) Remember you are not the writer; do not critique the piece as you would have written it.

6.) Remember that real people wrote this stuff, and real people have real feelings.

7.) Never ever try to put someone down, it is about the story and how it is being told, not about the writer.

Rules of Being Critiqued

1.) Read your critiques carefully. People have taken the time to read your work and have written critiques based on what they feel could help you find ways to make it better. Please respect them for that.

2.) Explain only if necessary. Don't rebut what others have written.

3.) Be willing to make changes, after all that is why you are submitting your work. Conversely, don't change anything you feel must remain in your work in order to make the story yours.

4.) WritersCo and those that help in this section believe that you want to learn from your writing experiences, whether you want to be published or not. If you are not going to work with the critiques, don't post your stories so that you won't waste their time. This is not just a place for people to read your story!

5.) Do not verbally attack anyone who offers a critique of your work, they have offered their opinions which you had asked for.


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2005-12-05 [Kiddalee]: Just corrected the spelling of "heed" at the end of the first paragraph.

2005-12-06 [Font]: ha! thanks very much!

2005-12-06 [Kiddalee]: And I've capitalised the beginning of the last sentence (I didn't spot that last time).

2006-01-29 [~*Lonely Wanderer*~]: Just corrected a spelling error from 'biases" to "baises" ^__^

2006-01-29 [Font]: The word is 'Biases' :P 

2006-01-29 [~*Lonely Wanderer*~]: oops thought it was the other SORRY! ^__^

2006-01-29 [SleepingDragon]: Added return link to comment exchange :D

2006-02-28 [Winkx]: You know...these rules acually make sense. Whddaya know....AMAZING! ;^D

2006-05-22 [iippo]: (Fixed a typo in rule 2 for being critiqued.)

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