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WritersCo Chat is an IRC channel.
It can be found on the server and the name of the channel is #WritersCo.

Channel creator:

If you have any questions or a need for directions, leave a comment or message [Veltzeh].

You can use Espernet's java client to access the chat:

If the java client doesn't work and you can't install a proper IRC client on your computer, use the CGI client:
Of course, you need to write #WritersCo into the channel field.


Here is a widget you can use to chat as well.

Useful IRC commands:
/nick newnick          Changes your nickname into "newnick".
/me does something.    Does an action: "* Veltzeh does something."


Go or return to:
-The wiki-index
-The help index

Username (or number or email):


2006-04-06 [Kiddalee]: The nagging has paid off!

2006-04-06 [Sunrose]: *hides*

2008-02-23 [Veltzeh]: We need our own java client, I think. :o

2010-12-10 [Annie]: :O I love the widget! -attack it with happiness-

2011-04-19 [Emily]: wow it works ._.

2011-04-19 [Veltzeh]: Yup, and if you'd stayed a minute longer, I could've replied! ;)

2011-04-19 [Annie]: :D

2011-04-22 [Emily]: I waited for like 10 years :(

2011-04-23 [Veltzeh]: If you can, leave the chat running in the background and we'll have time to get back and reply. :)

2011-08-11 [Eleanor]: This is an awesome development. Thanks.

2011-08-11 [Annie]: I thought so too :} But I think we need a link to it on the front page somehow because it's been around awhile and nobody really knows about it. Hence my news. :P

2011-08-11 [Veltzeh]: Allow me to remedy that. :P Done!

2011-08-12 [Annie]: Gasp! I've been wanting that forever! Thanks Veltzeh :)

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