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2006-03-16 16:09:53
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Absolute Horror

A Free to Write contest

Hosted by [SleepingDragon]


See winners at Absolute Horror Winners


Criteria for submission:

1. 500-5000 words

2. This must be a new and original piece created by you. You may employ editing help or proofreading from others, but you must have written the piece yourself.

3. The main theme is horror but you may use any genre or setting if you can work it out to do so.

4. Appropriate warnings need to be in place if you have explicit content.

5. Deadline- March 15th (Changed from end of February)


You may...

* Use strong sexual themes and content (No Hardcore Porn)

* Use strong language

* Use graphic violence and/or gore

Note: The above are NOT requirements but you are free to use them if you so desire. Maybe think about some of your favorite horror flicks and how they do or don't make use of these things.


Objective:Write 500-5000 words of the most intensely frightening stuff you can imagine. Pull no punches to do so. I want to feel my skin crawl. I want it to give me nightmares!

Judging: You will be judged on how well you met the criteria as well as the above objective. Creativity, grammar and spelling will also effect the scores. You will NOT be judged negatively if you choose not to use graphic violence, strong language, etc. These are simply tools at your disposal.

Pieces will be judged as they are at the deadline. You may make edits and updates to your submissions at any time while the contest is still open.

Prizes: Badges to the top 3 plus first place recieves a reading and/or critique (as they see fit) on any piece of their writing up to 10,000 words.



Sample: 268.Night Terror


Submissions: Post your [Name] and [ link to entry @ writings ]

1. [*Amy*]: 271.The Unbelievable Dream 3,895 words
2. [Kuzco]: 212.FTW.Horror story 4,206 words
3. [Winkx] 330.The Wife658 words *short I know*

Roster: Post your [Name] here if you intend to participate.

1. [Kuzco]
2. [Emily]
3. [DorianP]
4. [*Amy*]
5. [Winkx]

Username (or number or email):


2006-03-13 [*Amy*]: I have edited it :D

2006-03-13 [Winkx]: *does Happy fan dance again* Tank Youuuuuuuuuuuu! BIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGG HUGGIES!

2006-03-13 [*Amy*]: back at you:D

2006-03-14 [Winkx]: Ahhhhhhh...What changed on this page other than the comment? Up there^.

2006-03-14 [*Amy*]: my word count changed:S i edited it a little bit.

2006-03-14 [Winkx]: Do I need a word count? *Uhhhhh ohhhhhhhhh*

2006-03-14 [*Amy*]: do you have microsoft word? if you do there is a thing right on there that counts words

2006-03-14 [Winkx]: Oh...right! I knew that. *There is...?*

2006-03-14 [Kaimee]: Tools/word count :P Does anyone still need editing? :)

2006-03-16 [Winkx]: TODAY IS THE DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *does happy fan dance in circles* Anyone want to pet my kitten?

2006-03-16 [*Amy*]: Pet your kitten? :S :P

2006-03-16 [Winkx]: My new kitten....She's so cute ^.^! She's black...and and white on her feet, tip of tail, and tips og ears! :D

2006-03-16 [*Amy*]: Oh how sweet! I love kittens :D I can't have any where i'm living. they are not aloud:(

2006-03-16 [Winkx]: Awwww. That's not fair..

2006-03-16 [*Amy*]: Yeah i know. i love them so much, i was thinking about sneaking one in but seeing as my husband works for the company that runs this place...yeah you know the outcome of that one:P

2006-03-16 [Winkx]: Uh oh. No get Fuzzybeast in trouble!

2006-03-16 [*Amy*]: nope, that's why i won't get one < _ >

2006-03-16 [Winkx]: Good...Good. I hear he got his finger loped off. >o< *ouch* That had to hurt!

2006-03-16 [SleepingDragon]: Contest Closed Judging is in progress. Please do not make edits to your entries during the judging process. It may take me until tomorrow to be done as I have some errands to run today. Appreciate your patience. Thanks everyone who joined and good luck to all!

2006-03-16 [SleepingDragon]: Ok, the judging is done. Winners posted at Absolute Horror Winners A big thanks to everyone who submitted stories! All three were great. It was very tough to judge!

2006-03-29 [Kaimee]: *finally got around to finishing the piece she would have entered in this* xD

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