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Created and owned by [RiddleRose] and held by [Ash]

You know we all love them. Drabbles are little pieces of writing that are one hundred words long. In this loverly contest I shall present a challenge! You shall then create a drabble to meet that challenge. Jolly good!
Contact [Ash] with any questions.



1. All original work! No plagiarism, fanfiction, etc.
2. Follow the theme! 
3. Make it as close to 100 words as you can. I realize that it is harder than it sounds, but no entries will be accepted if the word count is below 95 words or above 105 words.
4. The format for posting an entry is this --> [username] - [usernmbr.nameofwriting@writings] - word count
5. There is a minimum of three entries before judging may commence.
6. No porn please. No gratuitous violence or rape, etc. Basically keep it appropriate for a twelve or thirteen year old.
7. There are a maximum of two entries per person! - new rule!
8. Have fun!


In Details
This will close when we have five entries but not before October 31st! Make sure you invite your friends!

It must involve a(n) GREENISH MIST!!



1. [Eleanor] 668.Contest entries.Drabbles.Fall 2011 100 words
2. [Product of a Primal Urge] 826.Greenish Mist.Drabbles Contest 100 words
3. [Annie] 415.Miscellaneous.Drabbles.October 2011 100 words


First Place: [Product of a Primal Urge] - 826.Drowning for Drabbles - 100 words
Second Place: [Eleanor] - 668.Contest entries.Drabbles.Spring 2011 - 100 words
Third Place: [Annie] - 415.Miscellaneous.Drabbles.JanuaryFebruaryMarch2011 - 100 words


Many thanks to [Paz] for making the banner and the badges!

First, Second, and Third Place Winners/Participant:
<img:stuff/drab-badge1.gif> <img:stuff/drab-badge2.gif> <img:stuff/drab-badge3.gif> <img:stuff/drab-part.gif>

Drabble Winners
flipside contest section

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Famous First Lines by [RiddleRose] - I give you a first line and you write a story with it.

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2006-10-01 [Kaimee]: Hahha, I ususally try not to read the other entries before I write anything because it influences me too much, I can't think of anything that isn't.. well, nells! xD I'll try though... :P

2006-10-02 [Nell]: Yeah, I'm terrible that way. I always read all the entries beforehand, and then I'm stuck with trying to make something completely different, because I don't want to feel like I'm copying anyone else's work. I'll never change.

I really liked yours! And the last line: 'They're ravenous for it...'. Ravenous is such a fantastic word to roll about on the glad you used it!

2006-10-04 [Lady of Lore]: yes, the other entries are wonderful! Mine pales in comparison...

2006-10-04 [Nell]: EEEEE! 'Nother lovely entry! You know, I am really enjoying this! DRABBLES ROCKS! All praise Rose and the funny birdy banner mascot!

2006-10-05 [iippo]: Gah, I had a good idea but couldn't execute it shortly enough. *hate when that happens*
I'll get in, hopefully. :)

2006-10-06 [Kaimee]: Oooh, love the new entries too! :D

2006-10-06 [RiddleRose]: Congrats everyone! october challenge posted, a bit late, sorry... XP have fun!

2006-10-06 [Nell]: YAY ippo! Good job! Glad you made it in! :)

2006-10-07 [Lanrete]: I'll give it a go. I'm horrible with word limits, but whatever.

2006-10-07 [iippo]: :O Thank you! ^^

2006-10-09 [RiddleRose]: go gwen go! the worse you are, the more room for improvement! go to it!

2006-10-09 [Lady of Lore]: can we take a badge if we won? Or is it sent to us? Yay! Congrats to all ^^

2006-10-09 [RiddleRose]: no, just grab it. i'm too lazy to send them to you... XD

2006-10-10 [Lady of Lore]: ok, thanks!

2006-10-10 [SilverFire]: [Lady of Lore] entry seems to go to a blank page. :P You need '@writings', not '@wiki'. :3

2006-10-11 [iippo]: I had an odd idea - there's a wiki in ET called "10 days of Photography" where participants are given a theme every day, and they have to take a photo that fits the theme every day (this goes on for ten days). Would anyone else find a similar thing interesting, where photography is replaced with drabbles? Like a drabbles-marathon.

2006-10-12 [Lady of Lore]: lol! Oh sorry! Thank you to whoever fixed it!

2006-10-12 [RiddleRose]: shoul i try that next month? as the contest? give you a theme and then have you write a different variation on that theme every day for however long? or would someone else like ot make that a contest? i think it would be awesome!

2006-10-12 [Nell]: Hm, possibly not my best piece, but then, they can't all be! Those other entries are pretty amazing and colourful (in language as well as in visuals)!

2006-10-14 [RiddleRose]: oh man! three entries already!!! this is so exciting!!

2006-12-06 [Anninja]: Err... Is this contest going to go on? Like- a December challenge? *worships Paz and RiddleRose*

2006-12-12 [Dangerous Salome]: When's the December challenge starting?

2006-12-15 [RiddleRose]: oopsies. i kind of... lost track for a while here. sorry guys... i've been freakishly busy. okay, enough excuses... december challenge will start now.

2007-01-12 [Nell]: Yay! Annie: your piece is blah, blah, drool. Fun!
Kaime: creeeeeepy good. And I love 'tor': I had to look it up!
My piecce: is still waiting for Rosey's Ok. I'm not sure if I can enter it because it had a poem. I couldn't seem to write anything with Moonstruck that didn't have meter!

2007-01-12 [Kaimee]: Creepy good is what I was going for, so thanks >:) And you have no idea how much agonising went into the choice between words like hill, outcrop, plain, etc etc before I finally found tor! :D

2007-01-27 [RiddleRose]: [Nell], yours is fine, i sent you message... ;) sorry i've been away so long guys! i'm back now! tor is my favourite ever boggle word. nobody ever seems to know it! whee!

2007-01-28 [Kaimee]: I must say, I love it too ^^

2007-02-03 [RiddleRose]: WINNERS POSTED AND FEBRUARY CHALLENGE UP! congratulations everybody! this is the first time it was hard enough to judge that i had to look at word counts to decide! wowza!

2007-02-03 [Annie]: yayyy i got third place!!! -huggles riddlerose and the winners-

2007-02-03 [Kaimee]: Eeep, yay! I seem to be on a roll at the moment, I should write something else, quick! ;) Congrats everyone!

2007-02-07 [Lady of Lore]: Oooh stars ^^ maybe I can whip up something about this.

2007-02-09 [RiddleRose]: i love trying to think up things about stars... they're such a powerful thing for humans. so many things are attached to stars...

2007-03-10 [Annie]: I hope it's ok that it's way late...I figured since there weren't any entries, it's probly still going on...? :P

2007-03-15 [RiddleRose]: yeah, basically it goes on until there are three entries or it's been three months. after that i figure it's just a dumb topic and no one wants to write to it, so i declare aliens the winners, and ost a new one... XD

2007-03-15 [Annie]: haha...poor very dead...

2007-03-16 [Jenna Rose]: I would like to write up something for this, I just seem to be dead with the inspiration right now.

2007-03-16 [Annie]: it's a drabble! write whatever comes to you. :)

2007-03-16 [Jenna Rose]: I mean if it's still the "what are stars?" theme... I come up blank.

2007-03-16 [RiddleRose]: think of stars. what are they? are the people? are they jewels? are they great flaming balls of gas? are they eyes? what are they?

2007-03-16 [Jenna Rose]: Hmm. How much longer do I have to add an entry?

2007-03-17 [Jenna Rose]: Nevermind, I entered one. :)

2007-03-17 [Annie]: Oops, lol, I always forget my word count.

2007-03-17 [RiddleRose]: hee... you have until there are three entries, or until it's been three months... >.>

2007-03-25 [Eloura]: I will enter. It may take me a day or two, but i will!

2007-03-25 [Eloura]: Now how might one add to this?

2007-03-26 [RiddleRose]: one might click the "edit this page" link right above the comments, and then one might add the link to your drabble in the appropriate section. if one was feeling particularly adventuresome, one might add one's word count as well. yay!

2007-03-26 [RiddleRose]: hi folks, i'm deleting the participants section, because it seems a little pointless...

2007-04-01 [RiddleRose]: one more... just one more! give it to me for an april fool's present!

2007-04-01 [Jenna Rose]: Yesh, someone enter please xD

2007-04-05 [Eloura]: Going to enter it right now!!! Not very good but ehh i tried.

2007-04-05 [Eloura]: Done!

2007-04-05 [iippo]: Remember to add your word count on this page too, [Eloura] :)

2007-04-05 [Eloura]: Ok, sorry about that..

2007-04-06 [RiddleRose]: omigosh! four entries! whee! march contest closed! judging commencing!

2007-04-06 [Annie]: Wheee!!

2007-04-07 [Eloura]: sorry, it took so long.

2007-04-08 [RiddleRose]: ah, s'okay. congrats everyone, and have fun with spring!

2007-04-12 [non user]: whee! My first contest here! :)

2007-04-12 [Annie]: Yay!

2007-04-12 [Jenna Rose]: Welcome [non user]! xD

2007-04-12 [RiddleRose]: woohoo! a new person! -gives chocolate-

2007-04-12 [Jenna Rose]: o.O Chocolate? Yum.

2007-04-12 [non user]: Hi ya! :)

2007-04-15 [RiddleRose]: all right, all right. chocolates all 'round!

2007-04-17 [non user]: ooh! chocco!! *scoffs*

2007-04-20 [Eleanor]: It took me about four tries to get my drabble linked. Ta dah!

2007-04-20 [Annie]: Yay! Welcome!

2007-04-20 [Eleanor]: Thank you.

2007-04-21 [Calann]: Phew. That was hard. :P

2007-04-22 [Annie]: wow look at all the entries!

2007-04-22 [RiddleRose]: i think this may be a record! awesome everyone!

2007-04-24 [Eloura]: i will try to get mine up ok?

2007-05-02 [RiddleRose]: Congrats everyone! some really awesome entries this round!

Also, April was this contest's one year birthday! Happy birthday Drabbles!

2007-05-02 [Jenna Rose]: Yay! *throws confetti*

2007-05-02 [Annie]: Aw! Happy birthday Drabbles!

2007-05-07 [RiddleRose]: ah, thanks for changing that [Eleanor] hey everyone! check out eleanor's pretty new writings page! it's all organised and nice! also, give me entries!

2007-05-10 [RiddleRose]: yay a entry!

keep 'em comin'!

2007-05-13 [pirate witch]: Hello Sunny love! I entered, just because it's a topic near and dear to my heart.

2007-05-13 [RiddleRose]: i got pirate boots...

2007-05-13 [pirate witch]: envy at you! are they sexxy?

2007-05-15 [RiddleRose]: moderately sexxy! they're brown and nice and only cost me five dollars! <3 salvation army. XD

2007-05-23 [Anninja]: Here goes- my first try at drabbles... :P

2007-05-23 [RiddleRose]: whee!!! so many entries! rosie is a happy gal!

2007-05-24 [pirate witch]: well be happy! I'm the only one who'se gone over 100. Does that disqualify me?

2007-05-26 [RiddleRose]: no, you are allowed to have anywhere from 90 to 110 words, but the goal is 100. you also have a slightly better chance of winning if you are closer to 100, because while i generally only judge on the writing, if it is too close, then i go to word count to determine who is the ultimate drabbler for the month. ^-^

2007-05-30 [pirate witch]: Well, I've managed to condence it down to 105 words. Not a big improvement, but a little better.

Hoist the colours high!

2007-05-31 [RiddleRose]: i still want that cd...

and yay for smallering your word count!

2007-05-31 [Eleanor]: Smallering? That's a new one on me.

2007-06-01 [pirate witch]: when does sunny the scribe (the spectacular scribe) post the results?

2007-06-01 [Annie]: Monthly. So today or tomorrow something...:)

2007-06-01 [RiddleRose]: congrats everyone! let me know if you think this month's challenge is too specific, i can remove a few of the restrictions if you so desire.

2007-06-02 [pirate witch]: I don't think it's too specific.

2007-06-02 [Annie]: I don't think it is either.

2007-06-04 [RiddleRose]: cool! [Eleanor], could you post your word count too? thanks

2007-06-05 [Eleanor]: Sorry. I totally forgot to do that.

2007-06-06 [iippo]: Do I get an extra bonus of the first sentence is the last sentence? :P

2007-06-07 [RiddleRose]: no. XP 

thanks eleanor! no problem, people have forgotten before. XD

2007-06-30 [RiddleRose]: end of the month, but i need another entry, so it's gonna carry over... -tear tear- one moreeeeeee!!!

2007-07-01 [Annie]: Seems as though summer is slow everywhere. :/

2007-07-02 [RiddleRose]: indeed... however, since it's so early in the month, and we now have three entries, are there any objections to me judging and just starting july a little late?

2007-07-03 [Annie]: Haha...well I hope you do that because when I put that entry in, it was still June 30th where I live...and I thought I had just barely gotten it in in time, but now I see that it was July 1st already in WC.

2007-07-03 [RiddleRose]: then off i march to judge! -puts on her god-cape-

judged and posted, new challenge up. congratulations everyone! have fun with this, i look forward to seeing what you folks come up with!

2007-07-04 [Anninja]: Heehee, what a weird mood... ;)

2007-07-06 [RiddleRose]: haha! casanova... XD btw, could you post your word count?

2007-07-07 [pirate witch]: I LOVE the new theme Sunny. CAN'T BLEEDING WAIT TO WRITE!!! That makes my day.

2007-07-12 [RiddleRose]: heehee! have fun! [Anninja] can you post your word count?

2007-07-13 [Anninja]: Okay ;)

2007-07-14 [RiddleRose]: whee! thank you!

2007-07-27 [RiddleRose]: hiya folks! i have an announcement! i will be unable to use a computer for the next week, so in the event of getting another entry, i will be unable to judge on the first as i normally do. i am TERRIBLY SORRY about this, but it cannot be helped. because of this i will be accepting entries until i get back, which should be the fifth or sixth of august. enjoy!

2007-08-01 [Annie]: Whee...I got it in.

2007-08-08 [WordFlower]: Um... the thing didn't say it was closed, so I submitted an entry... I hope I'm not too late...

2007-09-02 [Anninja]: Umm...What's up? The page has been totally idle for almost a month...

2007-09-02 [Annie]: Hard to say, maybe she's just busy.

2007-09-04 [Kaimee]: I'm waiting for a new theme! :P

2007-09-06 [Eloura]: Me to!

2007-09-10 [Kiddalee]: ... Does this mean I get to enter July's contest? Just kidding. *pokes [RiddleRose]*

2007-09-13 [Eleanor]: It’s September already. Not to be a pest, but, well, you know...

2007-09-13 [Annie]: She could be having a life crisis, we still need to be patient.

2007-09-19 [Eloura]: Yes patcient

2007-09-23 [Kaimee]: If she doesn't return in a reasonable amount of time we could just hold a poll and get everyone to vote? :) That way it keeps going without bugging her.
We could also all suggest new themes and vote on them as well :D

2007-09-23 [Annie]: I don't know...

2007-09-23 [Kaimee]: I don't think she's mind, nice and lovely that one ^^

2007-09-25 [pirate witch]: I know her personally, and if you would like I could call her and make her read/judge. I think she would like to judge if she could just remember.

2007-09-30 [Kaimee]: Hahaha, yes please! Tell her we're heckling >.>

2007-10-16 [RiddleRose]: AAGH! I AM SO SO SORRY EVERYONE! i have no excuses. well, one minor one. but it doesn't count. (i moved) milady [pirate witch] did indeed tell me to get a move on. I AM SO SO SORRY. i am a shnook. feel free to hate on me for a little while. not too long though, or i shall become despondent and die of shame. judging and new contest up in a few minutes!

2007-10-16 [RiddleRose]: hope you enjoy! the costumes i am thinking of are halloween costumes, though if you feel like it you can also do theatre costumes, or any other kind that strikes your fancy.

2007-10-24 [Kaimee]: Hahaha no problem, moving is hectic and distracting :P

2007-11-27 [RiddleRose]: bump bump bump crash! 

what was that? guess, and the answer shall be revealed!

2007-11-28 [Eleanor]: Eeep! I forgot about this one too. I need reminders.

2007-11-28 [RiddleRose]: heehee! -reminds-

2007-12-13 [RiddleRose]: -dances in underwear-

there. now you HAVE to write! it's only a hundred words... -puppy eyes-

2007-12-14 [Annie]: Aw, the puppy eyes got me...I heart you RiddleRose and your contest.

2007-12-16 [RiddleRose]: aww... -blush blush- you're too sweet! incidentally, could you put your word count up too? thanks.

my birthday's january first! give me entries as a lovely little gift!

2007-12-16 [Annie]: Oh ya, oops.

2007-12-19 [RiddleRose]: no problem. thanks! now OTHER PEOPLE! follow the example set by the most charming, beautiful, and marvelously fabulous entrant a contest could ever be lucky enough to get, and join her in the ranks of those with long titles!

2007-12-19 [Annie]: Haha...!

2007-12-22 [iippo]: Late... but that's better than never... Right? *twich*

2007-12-30 [RiddleRose]: thank you! i'm hoping i get another one in the next two days so i can judge!

2008-01-03 [Eloura]: *offers to take class time and write now* I forget at times. ^^'

2008-01-03 [Eloura]: It's not the best... but i did try. Sorry it's over the top. ^^'

2008-01-05 [RiddleRose]: thank you for entering. i hate having ot enforce rules, but it is too long. i suggest going through and editing out unnecessary words, or even entire sentences. you need to be within the range of 90-110 words. that is a twenty word range, so you should be able to get in it without too much trouble. you have until... let's say january 15, and then i'm judging no matter what, because this theme is WAY too long.

2008-01-06 [Eloura]: Sorry ^^' I got a little carried away..

2008-01-06 [Eloura]: I fized it. I just hope it's good enough... I probaly could have wrote a good bit more... That's the funny bit about it.

2008-01-09 [RiddleRose]: thanks everyone! next challenge... anything you like about the depths of winter!

2008-01-09 [Annie]: yay!

2008-01-11 [Eloura]: Ok! I swear i'll enter this one!

2008-01-13 [RiddleRose]: yay!

2008-01-14 [Eloura]: *smiles*

2008-01-23 [RiddleRose]: word count!!

2008-01-27 [Eleanor]: Submitted!

2008-01-28 [RiddleRose]: yay!!! two entries! i'm excited!

2008-01-28 [Eloura]: When does this end??? *sweat forms worriedly* I have been so busy with graduation projects and school work i had forget..

2008-01-30 [RiddleRose]: well, if you can get one in before the end of january, it'll end then. if not... well. i have an announcement regarding that.


 okay, listen up everyone! this contest has been asked to be a featured mainpage contest for the months of february and march! this means that there will be new people submitting, and also... a few new rules. dun dun dun!!!! the word count requirement will be narrowed a bit, for more of a challenge. you'll be required to fit your piece within the range of 95-105 words. also, the minimum number of entries will be four instead of three, and the contest will be judged by poll instead of by me. sound good? good. in light of this at the end of january, if we do not have three entries, this challenge will be postponed until april, at which time it will resume. a new challenge will be posted for february and march, and anyone currently in this challenge is welcome to enter that as well. i think that's the important stuff... get excited everyone! this is great publicity!

2008-01-30 [Eloura]: YAY!!!

2008-01-30 [Annie]: Yay!

2008-01-31 [RiddleRose]: awesome! thanks for pushing us over the limit [Calann]! also, can i just mention that i think this is possibly the FIRST EVER round where everyone's gotten 100 words exactly! this is very exciting! so... to be closed and judged tomorrow!

2008-01-31 [Anninja]: I feel good... This is the first scrap I have written since September. Here you go :)

2008-01-31 [Eloura]: *sighs* I pull myself from this contest this month... I can't pull it off...

2008-01-31 [Sabrina Catherine]: sorry, messed up the streak, but I needed those words... >.>

2008-01-31 [Calann]: You could always snip off a few 'the's. :P

2008-01-31 [RiddleRose]: FIVE ENTRIES??? I'M IN HEAVEN. judging commencing!

2008-02-01 [Calann]: :D
*dances with joy* First time I ever won any place in this contest!

2008-02-01 [Sabrina Catherine]: mine is so not going to place
I seriously wrote it in like five minutes... >.<

2008-02-03 [Anninja]: Ta da da dumm, I am the first to enter, bow to meee! ^.~

Just kidding:P
Dear [Sabrina Catherine], that's why I like Drabbles- 10 minutes is about the time I have each month to think of writing. Geez, I even thought my previous entry was in February:P

2008-02-07 [Kiddalee]: [RiddleRose]. I forgot to mention something. To facilitate voting, work must be age appropriate for all readers (at the least, it should be something that doesn't require a maturity warning). Sorry I missed that part.

2008-02-08 [Sabrina Catherine]: lol, no worries on my account... only 479.Happiness is something to have a warning about... other than that any writing outside of RPing, is 100% clean.

2008-02-09 [RiddleRose]: cool, i'll stick that in the rules, just in case anyone is unclear. cheers!

2008-02-16 [AuroraLumos]: I HAVE ONE!
How do I enter? :S

2008-02-17 [RiddleRose]: post the link under the "entries" section. the format is in the rules section. just click "edit this page" scroll to the entries section, and type it in. then click the "submit changes to this page" button, and you're all set. if it doesn't work i'll let you know. thanks for entering!

2008-02-17 [AuroraLumos]: ok thanks :D

2008-03-07 [Anninja]: Come on, people, is this really that hard to write??

2008-03-07 [AuroraLumos]: I found it hard :S lol
Mine's really odd XD I can't do prose
I did a drabble sized poem aswell though XD
that was ok.

2008-03-07 [Annie]: No... -shameful face- I'm a horrible person!!!

2008-03-09 [AuroraLumos]: I'm sure your not.... why are you a horrible person?!

2008-03-09 [Annie]: lol, because I'm so lazy. :P

2008-03-10 [AuroraLumos]: XP I'm lazy too XD
I can never be bothered to do anything XD

2008-03-11 [RiddleRose]: ooh! ooh! four entries! keep 'em comin'!

2008-03-12 [AuroraLumos]: heehee YAY

2008-03-20 [Calann]: It was hard getting down from 155 words to 100, but I wasn't going to be the one breaking the pattern. xD

2008-03-21 [Annie]: Woohah! ;) I felt inspired.

2008-03-21 [AuroraLumos]: WAHEY! XD

2008-03-21 [Eleanor]: It is my ardent desire to get one in before the deadline.

2008-03-22 [AuroraLumos]: do :D, lot's of people have entered now! :D YAY

2008-03-22 [Annie]: Yes...there is no resisting the urge could be number 7!

2008-03-22 [AuroraLumos]: I'm number 3.... I don't think I could do it twice... lol I could try though XD

2008-03-22 [Annie]: Ya...I meant Eleanor.

2008-03-23 [Eleanor]: Ta dah!

2008-03-23 [AuroraLumos]: lol WHOO 7 XD

2008-03-23 [Kiddalee]: Phew. I was worried that nothing was happening here. Then I realized that I hadn't been watching this page.

2008-03-23 [Annie]: Haha...yippeee!!!!

2008-03-23 [Kiddalee]: 8 is my favourite number, everybody.

2008-03-23 [AuroraLumos]: yay :D

2008-03-23 [Kiddalee]: Looks like we're full enough to go to poll at the end of this month. Opinions?

2008-03-23 [Annie]: EIGHT! Wtcha!
I agree.

2008-03-23 [AuroraLumos]: WOOO
lol I've sooo lost XD mine makes no sense
heehee, lovin it :)
(damn the chocolate DAMN IT!) *giggles to self*... o..k.. LOL

2008-03-24 [RiddleRose]: gosh. i should feature my contests more often or something! wow! eight entries! i need ot catch up here!

2008-03-24 [Jenna Rose]: Quick question - as long as it follows all the rules, can it be in poem/rhyming format? I think one of my wins from here last year was.

2008-03-24 [AuroraLumos]: it'd make my life easier too.. I did a poem that follows all the rules too, I think it is way better than my prose ><

2008-03-25 [RiddleRose]: yeah totally. a few people have submitted poetry before, it's no problem. as long as it follows the theme and is within the word limit, submit it! you will have to take down your other submission though [AuroraLumos], only one entry per person is allowed.

2008-03-26 [AuroraLumos]: No problem I shall take it down... :D YAY

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