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Kiddalee For Staff

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Update: I made it! YaY!
NOTE: This application lists ways in which I helped before January 15, 2006, and is no longer accurate.

  Heylo there. I'm applying for the Resource Team for now.
  I have a thing for book learning and research, but beyond that, I'd like to use what I know to help others learn. I even enjoy learning just for the sake of teaching others.

How I've Made Myself Useful
I've created Technical Details, which [Font] just invited to the Writer's Resource.
I've added 3 links so far to Words of Advice (see versions 2 and 3).
I've added 1 review so far to Recommended Reading: RR.Magnificent Ambersons, The.
I've added at least 1 song to Music Inspiration, in MI - Shelf EE (version 2). I don't remember if I added any other ones.
I created a simple mat for Writersco Welcome Mats.
Besides the ones I have already added to the Writer's Resource, I have a list of useful links in my bio.
I am active here and within my writings, as you can see through my bio.

Other Evidences That I'd Make A Helpful Team Member
I've been a member of Elftown for 3 years and so I know my way around a Heddate community.
You can see by my bios, wikis, and writing index that I'm good at building organised pages with good grammar.
I know my way around the academic side of writing (literary devices, and such), as is shown in this debate: [2689]
But I'm not snobbish about them: [2861]
Most of how I've made myself useful in Elftown is in [Healing In Elftown@wiki] or . This page also shows that I am anti-snob.
One thing I'd like to point out is that I started Elftown's [Jazz Mini-Encyclopedia@wiki] without much knowledge of Jazz artists (though I love jazz), which goes to show that I am doing research simply for the sake of transferring it to others.

Less Concrete Evidences
Well, a long time ago, I took a Hogwarts Sorting Hat quiz and got Ravenclaw. ;P

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