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Affiliated with: Artsieladie, [Galadriel]

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Greetings, everyone!

This wiki-page is just to make everything very clearly stated as to the usage and sharing of my creativity. When guidelines and
rules are stated clearly, everyone knows where they stand, leaving NO room for any misunderstandings and therefore, wrong
assumptions as a result.

However, "reading" is required here. I am providing the clear guidelines that must be followed and it is your job, the reader, to
"read" them. If you, the reader, do not "read" them, the fault then lies with you, for the information is clearly provided on this

Please also read [#A Bit More Elaboration], just beneath "Public Notice".

Special permission suspended in regards to my art/graphics on ALL of [Hedda]'s, Heddate sites until further notice, because
since I can't be guaranteed that my work won't just be accepted to be used by the members of and then I would be thrown away
like a piece of garbage, as [Hedda] did to me on but still my work would be used anyway, I can't then in good
conscience allow for it to be used period without my permission per piece. I'm tired of being 'used and then abused'. I deserve
better than this! ..Especially since I have contributed so immensely to his sites, both monetarily and with MEGA, MEGA time, effort,
and devotion!

In regards to, since I am not an active member on the site, NO ONE has my permission to use ANY of my work
that is there, graphics (over 10,000), art, etc., except works I have made "specifically" for the site's use, that was "requested" for me
to make for use and display on the site by members of the site, which I have records of
. This decision of mine will remain in effect, as
long as I'm not an "active member" on AND THIS is MY decision to make, NO ONE else's, INCLUDING the site owner's!!!
As long as he is denying MY work to me, and slandering MY name all over the Internet, then THIS ruling STANDS! It is only fair and
just, if I'm to be "denied my own works", then the one responsible for this denial, [Hedda], can't have ANY SAY about the display
and use of MY works either! He may own the server and domain, but he does NOT OWN MY WORK!

Now, a few words to set correct, a few misnomers about me...

Before ANYone "assumes" that I am just trying to be a troublemaker and/or overly defensive, allow me please, to enlighten you...

I have been accused of bad mouthing a former vice mayor of BUT... what is NOT being told is, the former vice mayor
has had it on their agenda to get rid of me off of the site since late 2006, early 2007, when the former vice mayor learned about
the site owner, [Hedda], having some sort of interest in me. I have been provided the information documenting this, in which is
included two very key statements, made by the former vice mayor, which are: "I don't care how Artsie is gotten rid of, as long as
she is" AND "I don't know what [Hedda] sees in her anyway". ..And I have much more data that also substantiates this, including
the former vice mayor's own "publicly made statements".

The site owner has threatened me, trying to get me to shut up about what I know and the data implicating him and others that I
have, telling me that if I didn't stop telling what I know, he would have me thrown off the Internet and would permanently ban me,
therefore slander my name all over the Internet, which is what he is now doing, along with denying me, MY WORK, which he is
therefore, STEALING MY WORK. ..And there's a wiki-page on entitled: "Calls_To_Myself", on which there is data on it
that implicates him with the tampering of my phone. However, he placed a password on the wiki-page to keep others from being
able to see the data provided on the page: ..Everyone knows that a person who
conceals evidence, does so because they have something to hide.

Perhaps, he would be willing to tell everyone just how he made a non-working number call my number and then immediately
following, the automated message of the non-working number: "The number you have dialed is not in service" was transferred
over to my voicemail, WHILE I WAS PUTTING THE "first" VERSION TOGETHER of the wiki-page, "Calls_To_Myself", which caused
everyone who called me to think that my phone was not working, that it had been disconnected, and.. this lasted for three weeks!
..And I have a TON MORE DATA collected implicating him with phone tampering and computer hacking!

So THIS campaign going on by him? This is just to make "me" appear guilty as the wrongdoer, when in fact, it is just to keep the
unwanted interrogation from himself! ..And because "I" won't keep quiet about it, well then, "I" have to be punished severely
simply because I refuse to comply with his wishes so he can keep his 'secret activity' a secret!

I also have to add that I have tried to work this out with him. I've told him that I would be willing to drop this whole defense
agenda of mine, which I have no other recourse left than TO defend myself, IF he would be willing to also tell ME the truth, the
'whole truth' and then set everything right again and stop his "extra curricular activities" of invading my privacy and stop punishing
me for HIS wrongdoing. I'm not looking for pay back, but just that things get resolved and done so that would be "mutually beneficial"
for both of us.

But... it is Hedda who refuses to budge and yet he still expects and others too, expect me to just shut up about this subjugation
I'm being put through. Well, NO! Dammit! I won't! ..And I will NOT accept the blame that has the names of others on it either! I'll be
dammed before I will EVER accept being the scapegoat because of and caught up between one's unfounded and unwarranted
jealousy and another's obsession who refuse to be accountable and then as a result, having to deal with the bullying and chastising
of others pulled into this mess! ...AND... will the person who REALLY placed the little, red heart in my Elftown badge slot and then also
removed it, PLEASE STAND UP!!! HE knows who HE is!

"As soon as a creative work is created, the work "BELONGS TO ITS CREATOR".

..And REMAINS with the creator, unless:
  <img:> - the creator/owner relinquishes his/her rights by agreement/contract with another or others.
  <img:> - places their work into "public domain".

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Public Notice!

Effective immediately, therefore currently and permanently:
Unless modified ONLY by Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly, [Galadriel], copyright owner.

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All creativity on this site, including but not limited to, the art, writing, poetry, ideas/concepts, etc., created and brought forth by
Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly, [Galadriel], is therefore owned by and copyrighted to the same, its creator, unless otherwise
stated by Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly. It may NOT be used, copied, modified/altered, reproduced, or anything else in any way,
shape, or form for any reason whatsoever without the expressed, written permission of its owner/creator PER ITEM, including the
made by yours truly, Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly, uploaded to this site. NO EXCEPTIONS unless a written waiver stating
the conditions and terms of its usage set forth by and at the sole discretion of the creator/owner is in effect. Any non-compliance by
the user permitted to use with an agreement granting a user permission, and as perceived to be so and IF ONLY BY the owner/creator,
terminates said agreement, completely and immediately.

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In regards to sharing the aforementioned creativity, all creativity in its ORIGINAL STATE, which means NO
alterations of any kind are permissible, must be accompanied by the creator's name (who is the copyright
holder unless otherwise stated) AND with a link back to, associated with, one or more of the websites/
domains owned by Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly, which are:

<img:> ~
<img:> ~
<img:> ~
<img:> ~
<img:> ~
<img:> ~
<img:> ~
<img:> ~
<img:> ~
Contact on sites:
~ <> *
~ <>
~ <>
~ <>
~ <>
~ <>
~ <>
~ <> *
~ < (Not a correct email address)>

Text ONLY emails! NO attachments! NO hyper-links or urls of questionable origin. Non-compliance means deletion!
Note: The ones marked with an * are the ones I check most often.

Thank you!

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A Bit More Elaboration...

Generally, I am pretty easy going about allowing someone to use or borrow from my creative endeavors,
as long as my creativity is not stolen, affiliated with something I object to, and as for commercial usage,
then I do expect to be paid (because if ANYONE deserves to make money from MY work, it is "I"), but...
I get really angry if:
<img:> ~ Someone just "assumes" they can do with MY creativity as THEY wish without even asking me.
<img:> ~ Someone just takes my creativity and modifies it and then claims it as their own.
<img:> ~ Someone just steals it period and claims it as their own.
<img:> ~ Someone uses it WITHOUT giving me the credit and/or removes my name as being the creator.
<img:> ~ Someone correlates or associates my creativity with:
  <img9*0:> ~ pornography,
  <img9*0:> ~ any political agenda,
  <img9*0:> ~ violence,
     ...and in any way that could offend another person's:
      <img7*0:> ~ culture
      <img7*0:> ~ customs
      <img7*0:> ~ beliefs
      <img7*0:> ~ religion
      <img7*0:> ~ sexual orientation
      <img7*0:> ~ etc..

...and I may add more.

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This site:

For visitors:
  <img:> - To become a member, click on:
  <img:> - Membership is FREE!

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Related Links - Artsieladie's Other Online Places:

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Many more! See:
Note: The ones marked with an * are the ones I am on almost always.

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May God Bless You and Have a Great Day!

May the love of God always touch and live within your heart!

<i>By Artsieladie

All creativity on this page is copyrighted to Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly, aka [Galadriel], unless otherwise specified. All rights reserved.

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