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2012-02-27 12:12:46
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Hey there!
This page is something like a petition, perhaps. It's where people who are honestly interested in getting WritersCo back up and running can sign their name. This page is mostly to show Hedda that there are indeed still people here, and there's people elsewhere who want to see this site restored. While we may not be 1,000 people strong, we are a group of writers, and we want our writing haven to come back from the dust. Hopefully, if this gets large enough, he'll be willing to appoint some new Staff and allow us to work on our own, at the least, to make WritersCo the site it was meant to be!

(Note: This page can be edited by anyone, and commented on by anyone so that even people who are not on this site as a current member can show interest.)

(Note 2: If you're not a member and want an invitation, [Stephen] or [Veltzeh] can send you invite links.)

Sign below the line!

1) [Stephen]
2) [Veltzeh]
3) [Delladreing]
4) [Calliope]
5) [Eleanor]
6) [Bookwyrm] <--Applied to be member
7) [Alexi Ice]
8) [AuroraLumos]
9) [Slytherin Seeker]
10) [Mortified Penguin]
11) [Yudan Enzeru333] <--Applying shortly
12) [Kyrinn] (Elftown Member)
13) [Sicarius] <----Also Applying Shortly ^^
14) [Product of a Primal Urge]
15) [sammie h!] - Anything you can throw at me
16) [djxmonster]- Late to the party

Username (or number or email):


2011-08-05 [Stephen]: Traci!
She applied!

2011-08-05 [Stephen]: Yay. =D

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