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2007-10-02 05:27:35
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Writersco's Unlazy Poets List

  These people have been seen using some sort of known poetic format, other than free form, in Writersco. If you have displayed formatted poetry on WC before, but don't have any up at the moment, you may still be on the list if there is a good chance you might display some in the future.

  Yes, it's okay if you've only displayed it in your bio, the forums, or the wiki. But it would be nice if you stuck it in your writings.

  This list is for everybody with formatted poetry, not just contest entrants.

Add yourself, but don't add a comment after your name.

1. [Kiddalee]
2. [Samael_22]
3. [Mister Saint]
4. [Nell]
5. [mousepoet]
6. [Jenna Rose]
7. [Calann]
8. [RiddleRose]
9. [Sabrina Catherine]

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2006-12-31 [Kiddalee]: Does anybody think that those grey dividers are visually distracting?

2006-12-31 [Mister Saint]: Yeah, they are. They're not obvious enough to feel like dividers, they just make the eye wander to the right. ^^

2007-01-01 [Kiddalee]: Thanks.

2007-01-02 [iippo]: Maybe replace them with a graphic divider?

2007-01-03 [Kiddalee]: Actually, I was talking about graphic dividers.

2007-01-03 [iippo]: Oh you mean the ones that were on the top. ^^; I thought you meant the hr-lines. Never mind me then :P

2007-01-03 [Kiddalee]: Alright. I won't. *turns up her nose at you* :P

2007-03-04 [mousepoet]: I hope no one minds I added myself...?

2007-03-06 [Kiddalee]: Nope. No problem.

2007-03-30 [Sabrina Catherine]: I don't know if I qualify....

2007-04-03 [Kiddalee]: Eh? You've even gotten into the contest! Of course you do.

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