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Name: DerrickDoucet


I've won 2 duels at the Poetry Dueling Arena.

Member Type: reader

About Me: I like to read fantasies, horrors, thrillers, comedies, and drama. I am here basically to read and maybe publish some of my writings. I usually write scripts but i do write poems and short stories. My poems are based off my feelings at the time. My short stories are usually fantasy, but I do write horror and drama. I am hoping that by joining this community, it will help me with my writing, and further develop me as a writer.

Inspiration: I gather inspiration for my writing from a variety of places. Other movies, books, poems. My own feelings, events that have happened, people, and random meetings. [Kiddalee] inspired me to join WritersCo, and thanks to her I am writing short stories again. I haven't written those for so long. I met her at a friend's birthday party, and we became friends.  There are other friends who inspire me, but they are not part of this community. But if anyone needs inspiration, just look at what you care for and memories. Inspiration is never hard to find.

Please look into both the Poetry Dueling Arena and Unlazy Poets contest. It's fun!

Age: 22Year of birth: 1986Month of birth: 3Day of birth: 26

Gender: male

Working/study place: Canadore College

Place of living: Kapuskasing, Ontario

PhilosophyScriptsSpeculative Fiction/Ideological

Short storiesPoetryFree verse

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