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2006-01-02 [Raiko]: Is there a way to apply to become a moderator?

2006-01-02 [Raiko]: Ah, wait. Missed the messaging part. Sorry. Now the question is whom shall I bother?

2006-01-02 [Font]: How can I become staff?: Will give you information about joining crew, and then you can contact me. Though as we are a very small community there is no great need for moderators yet, but if you have a new idea, or feel you are someone we really need, I'll still read through messages, and talk with [RiverStar].

2006-01-19 [Emily]: Update!

2006-01-19 [Emily]: Whoo, my wish was granted.

2006-01-19 [Veltzeh]: But I'm not there? ;)

2006-01-19 [Sunrose]: You don't have a mod-badge :p

2006-01-19 [Veltzeh]: :O

2006-01-19 [Font]: You should!!! I might add one :P maybe ;)

2006-01-19 [Veltzeh]: Stamp! XD

2006-01-19 [Emily]: Congrats Veltzeh!

2006-01-20 [Sunrose]: Stamp? :p

2006-01-20 [Veltzeh]: I got the mod-stamp? :P

2006-01-20 [Sunrose]: [Font] forgot to click 'mod' on the 'work at this site' part :P

2006-01-20 [Font]: I forget a lot of things :P Shouldn't stop people doing things that they are entitled to do :P

2006-01-21 [Sunrose]: I don't know what you're thinking of but I am not of power to help you here :P

2006-01-21 [Font]: Vel is though :P

2006-01-22 [Sunrose]: It's no fun to stamp yourself silly :p

2006-01-22 [Font]: mmm... well then :P

2006-02-14 [Sunrose]: Hmm hierachy :o

2008-04-19 [Ash]: You guys need to update this page... :P

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