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Once a month, Flipsiders unite in a completely off the wall, out of the norm event that should be lots of fun and still help with our greater goal of becoming better writers. 


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The month... after January-ness! I thought we'd get off the love train for February, and try something entirely spontaneous instead. The rules will be simple... I will assign six (at minimum) categories, each an element of a story. Each participant will be randomly assigned an element, and must write up that particular element and submit it to the Event wiki. Then, once all the elements are in place, each participant will write a longer story (up to 10,000 words) containing all of the elements submitted.

Now, the elements are not to have any backstory or history at all. For example, if you are assigned 'main character' as your element, you can only tell us what he looks like, his profession, his articles (armaments and clothing), and a very vague description of his personality (heroic, moody, antiheroic, and so forth). Do not provide any backstory, personality details, character depth, or history type stuff. Each writer will be asked to put that into his or her own story.

20) Which deadline would be most comfortable for you? (Administrator: [Mister Saint])

Number of voters: 10
* a) Mid-March
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* b) The End of March
Number of votes: 10 (100%)

* c) Let me talk to my bookie (use the comment board to make your suggestion)
Number of votes: 0 (0%)


Technical Stutt

1. Mature language is permitted.
2. The entry should be prose, 2,000-10,000 words.
3. The entry must contain all the elements we've provided.
4. You must remember to walk [Mister Saint] twice a day so he can yell at passing vehicles.


1. Main Character
2. Antagonist
3. Setting
4. Time Period
5. Climactic Event (be very vague and general... like... a stagecoach robbery or a bar brawl)
6. Decide whether this will be a love story or not (if so, create a love interest for main character, if not, create a sidekick).
*More may be added if we get enough participants.



If you put your name here, we'll expect you to participate. Try not to back out!

1. [Mister Saint] - setting!
2. [Po] - I'm pumped for this! - Main Character!
3. [La Divina] - *dances* challenge me! - Antagonist
4. [Kuzco] - Ready to rumble. Let's - have - some - FUN! Climactic Event!
5. [Askoga] - Decide if it's a love story!
6. [chuchutrain] - Can't wait Moorn! - Time Period!


Finished Elements

1. [Mister Saint] - "The setting will be... an old castle, with so many paintings it could pass as an art gallery. It's a very Persian palace with lots of hallways and lots of space. Outside of the palace is a high, nigh-impregnable wall."

2.[Po] - "Dana Wythe - male, early-to-mid twenties, approximately 5'10", slender bordering on skinny. Thick, sandy hair reminiscent of boy-pop singers or Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. Narrow boyish face with full cheeks, thin, wide lips, an almost-too-small nose, and large blue eyes thickly rimmed in black eyelashes.

Dana is a cobbler by trade, and also works as a stagehand.

He tends to wear comfortable, loose fitting pants and shirts that are too big for him. He wears plain black boots. He always has a backpack (satchel, briefcase, etc...) with him. He carries no arms.

Dana is introverted, but has a strong arrogant streak."

3. [chuchutrain] - "The time period will be the future but not so into the future that the world has changed drastically. Human kind has made some amazing break throughs and things are faster and better."

4. [Askoga] - "It will be a love story, and the love interest is female Kara Cloe. She is in her early twenties, stands at about 5'5", and is thin. Her hair goes down to the corner of her jaw, and is blond. She has a thin face, a thin, pointed nose, and hazel eyes. She's nearsighted. She tends to wear long skirts and long-sleeved shirts, which give her a sort of gypsy look, and usually wears tennis shoes.

She is a shopkeeper by trade.

She is outgoing, but often a little mysterious, even to her friends."

5. [Kuzco] - The climatic event will be a battle on a very high place. 

6. [La Divina] - The antagonist is a Drow woman named Riknueth d'Barra. Like all Drow, she hates humans and is fond of violence. She is also very greedy. She has been known to take assasination jobs when she needs the money. She has long white hair that she wears loose, with many braids. Her eyes are gold. She usually wears a loose shirt and breeches, boots, and a thick leather belt. In her belt she carries a pistol which she has lovingly named Isto. She also carries a small throwing knife named Vlos. Besides these weapons, she can also engage in hand-to-hand combat. But she is better with her weapons.


Our main characters, drawn by [Po], placed here via request by [Mister Saint].




1. 79.Contest Entries.March Event
2. 115.Event?

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2006-03-21 [chuchutrain]: heh ^^;;

2006-03-21 [Mister Saint]: I have another thought. How about, next time, if people provide elements, they don't give names, either? I think it might help up better connect with the characters if we each got to name them in our own stories.

2006-03-21 [chuchutrain]: okeys

2006-03-22 [La Divina]: I like that idea.

2006-03-22 [chuchutrain]: I do too

2006-03-22 [Kuzco]: agreed

2006-03-23 [chuchutrain]: *nodds*

2006-03-23 [Mister Saint]: well, we'll call this one our practice event then. ^^

2006-03-23 [chuchutrain]: ok lol ^^;;

2006-04-02 [Mister Saint]: April first, time's up! How did everyone do?

2006-04-02 [Po]: Do? *holds her belly and laughs uproariously*

2006-04-02 [La Divina]: uh...

2006-04-02 [Mister Saint]: heh... yeah, me to.

2006-04-02 [Mister Saint]: Anyway. Everyone place what you have if anything in the linklist I'm about to add.

2006-04-02 [Po]: I wish I had anything in the 'pute to add right now...*searches for the notebooks*

2006-04-02 [Kuzco]: This is humiliating but...I got nuthin' :S

2006-04-02 [La Divina]: I'll put up my first two chapters... I'm not too happy with the third and fourth... they really need to be fixed.

2006-04-03 [La Divina]: Okay... so. Prologue, first part, and the mondo short second part.

2006-04-03 [Mister Saint]: Well, I guess this was a bust. Maybe next time, yeah?\

2006-04-03 [Kuzco]: really sorry... :S

2006-04-03 [chuchutrain]: *cries* i hate writers block!!! T.T

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