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Flipside Guide


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Mission Statement

Flipside was created with the intent of providing a small haven for writers to get together and work to improve their craft, via small-scale themed contests and a member-run and member-created workshop. The ultimate aim of this place is for writers of all kinds to feel welcome and equal, so we can all kick some literary butt together.


Member Information

The only requirement for becoming a member of flipside is to take your name over to the Roster and sign up under the appropriate section. Becoming a Flipsider tells the rest of us that you are willing to put your shoulder to the literary wheel along with the rest of us; that you're ready to put in the effort to become a more polished writer.

Member perks include:

The right to host contests at Flipside.
The right to have a say in the wiki itself.
*The right to add wiki pages to Flipside.
The right to help design the monthly Event.
The right to use all Flipside services. Including weasels.
*The right to place polls on the Flipside main page.
*The right to add articles and excercises to the Flipside Workshop.

* Please speak with [Mister Saint] before going ahead with any of these, so things can be kept organized.

If you want to become a member, please keep in mind that Flipsiders are expected to participate, either by organizing and hosting contests, joining in discussions in the various comment boards, providing input concerning the workings of the wiki, or by entering contests. If you do not intend to participate, then please do not add your name to the Roster. Members are expected to behave politely and treat others with respect... actually, everyone is expected to do so. Members will be smacked for being mean, though, and by that we mean warned, then banned from participating. These rules apply to every single member. Please keep this in mind.

Flipside members must be sure that they are watching all of the pages located in the section directory (including this page) so that everyone knows when something happens. Members will be informed when a page is added.

Once you're a member, drop by Po's Gifs and pick out a member badge for your presentation! Thanks go to [Po] for creating the wide selection there.


Contest Hosting

The whole point of Flipside is the contests! The aim of our contest section is to use small-scale, themed contests to improve our writing skills while having a bit of fun and competition too. Only Flipsiders are allowed to host contests here; we insist because it's imperative that contest hosts don't back out or lowball anybody out of a win. Contest hosts are expected to be impartial and unbiased, as much as possible. Once you are a member, check to see if your contest follows the basic rules of contest hosting (which appear here and on the the Flipside Contest Section). And now, a list!

1. No racist/sexist/anti-religion themes. Now, it is just fine for characters to possess these traits, but not contest themes. For example, you could not host the 'Muslims are assholes' contest or the 'Men are the devil' contest. Individual cases may be addressed by [Mister Saint] or by poll if need be.

2a. Contests should maintain a fairly clean theme. We are all grown up enough to know what is clean enough for teenagers to read. This includes profanity, violence, and sexual content.

2b. If you feel that the content rule above is not specific enough, please read Concerning Content.

3. Contests must be fair and unbiased. Hosts are expected to give every entrant the same opportunity as the others. No favoritism, please.

4. Flipside hosts poetry as well as writing contests.

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2006-01-20 [Kiddalee]: Now that the Contest Section doesn't have "official" paid contests any more, maybe you could explain what you mean by that in your Mission Statement so you won't confuse any newbies?

2006-01-20 [Askoga]: (comment no longer needed)

2006-01-21 [Mister Saint]: I'm back, now. Kiddalee, I'm going to alter the mission statement so that no one gets offended or confused. Thank you for your thoughts!

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