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Flipside Article Requests

This section contains the information that Flipside writers will use to create articles to help each other out. This includes the original list of weaknesses supplied by the first Flipsiders, along with an article suggestion list. Lesh get crackin!

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Article Suggestions

Place your suggestion for an article here with your username. Please ask yourself if the article will really be useful before you suggest it.

1. An article on writing dialogue - [chuchutrain]
2. An article on action scenes! - [Mister Saint]


The List

In order to begin creating a useful workshop for Flipside, we'll need to perform a little test. In the space provided, I want each Flipsider to tell us two (2) of your biggest writing weaknesses. These will be used to craft workshop entries aimed at dealing with the weaknesses, so that we aren't teaching stuff that everyone knows. Please place your username along with the two weaknesses in sentence form, and numbered.

Don't worry that you'll be singled out for what you put here, or made fun of for it. Respect is the absolute word for Flipside, so don't worry that you'll be made fun of. In fact, I, the illustrious [Mister Saint], will start it myself to prove that.


What are two of your literary weaknesses?

[Mister Saint]

1. I have a great deal of trouble moving plots along between major events without hurting my sense of pacing or killing time.

2. I am weak when it comes to writing male characters, especially weak ones.


3. I have a hard time tearing myself away from my main book project to work on other, shorter, different things.

4. I am weak when it comes to writing male characters, especially strong ones.


5. I have a very hard time finding a good ending to any given story.

6. I tend to draw out stories longer than I should.


7. I'm horrible for speeding up a plot to the point of it being too fast.

8. I'm need help with character designing as well.


9. I can't plot for beans.

10. I don't balance characterization and plotting well when writing.


11. I rush my stories much too quickly, generally not giving enough time for my characters to develop.

12. Coming up with clever, twisting plots (like mysteries or politically influenced-type stories), is difficult with me.


13. Discription! I can't discribe things worth a pence.

14. Stopping when I need to go to bed, I'd stay up all night if I had the energy.


15. Endings. I can start a book, but I hardly ever end it.

16. Spelling! I couldn't spell if my life depended on it!
((I can spell normal words, but others, that I haven't seen written before, I can't spell >.< ))

[Burning Inside]

17. Description I still have troubles with this

18. I usually can't write things that aren't morbid or sadistic

[Today for you, tomorrow for me]

19. Description . . . I can do feelings, but when it comes to describing how something looks or moves I'm no good.

20. I generally don't right things that aren't some variety of dark. Even my humourous parodies are on the darker side . . .


21. Language duality. My thinking kinda shifts back and forth, forth and back from English to Portuguese, to english, to portuguese and so on. Thus, I have a lot of vocabulary blancs and grammar confusion.

22. I have a terrible edit process. I think that if I did percentage, when I re-read my stuff, I miss 80% of wronged details. It's quite annoying.


23. Description. I have problems with describing things. I either don't put enough description in or I put too much description in.

24. Beginnings. I have a hard time starting my stories. I can't seem to think of how to begin my stories.


25. I have enormous problems editing m own work. I can edit other people's work, but I can't ever seem to do it to my own... >.<

26. I have a really hard time writing serious scenes. Somehow something always ends up humorous. My pace is often very eratic too.


27. I tend to get stuck half way through a story. I know the ending I want but can't find the right scenes to get me there.

28. Run on sentences are a bit of a problem for me as well. -.-' Most of the time I don't even notice it until I've submitted it or something just as bad.

[Grey Wanderer]

29. I torture my characters too much. I have a lot of trouble writing travel, and so feel a need to punctuate travel with more interesting things, which invariably turn out to be bad things...hence my character torture.

30. Spelling. I keep wondering how hard it would realy be to put a spell check button right down there with the submit changes to the page button....


31. Stopping a scene and moving on to a new one. I can never get my character to leave the place she/he is at. Like...her room. I know there are more things she should be doing, but having her move from her room to the outside world is so difficult.

32. Being realistic. Sometimes I can, sometimes I can't...but mostly I can't. I often find my characters doing things that I simply would never do...and I can't imagine anyone else doing them either.

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