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Expired Contests


You can no longer enter these contests because they have expired. However you can still read the entries and gain your own ideas for contests from these examples. Also, they are just for the record here at WC, maybe for a future reference... whatever the reason, you can't enter these anymore.

Also, owners of contests. For those without a deadline, please post it here if it has become very obsolete and there are no hopes of entering. There is a separate section for that (read below) and for those with finished deadlines, also place it below. 

Please place all contests in the appropriate sections!


Contests with Finished Deadlines:

» Halloween Horrors
Run by [Calliope] - Deadline Oct. 31st, 2006

Scents & Smells Contest
Run by [Lanrete] - Deadline December 31st, 2006

» Lyrical Prose
Run by New Ideas Team - Deadline June 1st, 2006

»  The Chase
Run by [Mister Saint]- Jan/20th.

»  Unusual creatures
Run by [Font]- Deadline: Feb 21!

» Chapter Contest
Run by [Nell] - Deadline: Feb 28!

»  Chapter Contest 2
Run by [RiverStar] - Deadline: March 5

» Ghosts of Ourselves
Run by [RiddleRose] and [Paz], hosted at flipside - Deadline: June 30, 2007

Obsolete Contests:
(These contests are abandoned or have become obsolete so the owner has left them. You are welcome to re-pick them up and get them running with the original owners permission).

»  A Writing Competition
Run by [Akayume]

»  Unusual Creatures
Run by [Font]

»  Loveless Affairs
Run by [bloody kisses]

»  Historically Based
Run by [Calliope]

»  Stanza Reason
Run by [Mister Saint]

The Lord of Sands Contest
Run by [PamelaT]

»  What if...
Run by [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Ros] - monthly contest

Sci-Fi Writing Competition
Run by [Paz]


We request that you place your contest in the appropriate section on the wiki, thank you

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