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Old Flipside

This is the content from the old version of Flipside. See Flipside for the current page.

Welcome to Flipside, the completely unofficial contest section of WritersCo. If you are new to Flipside, please visit the Flipside Guide and the Roster before visiting the other sections.


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Flipside Guide

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The big Event



A collection of links within Writersco that may be useful or interesting. We're unofficial, we're trying to help all of Writersco!

Contest Section - Official WritersCo contests page.

The RPer's Alliance by [Aeolynn] - Best place for roleplay on WritersCo.

Technical Details by [Kiddalee] - An up and coming list of information for all of your story-writing needs. Contains (and will contain more) articles on things like swordsmanship, horse riding, dancing, and other things we commonly use but often don't know a damn thing about.

Critique Swap - Post your writing to be critiqued in return for doing a critique yourself.

The Otherside - A mature wing of Flipside, adult themed contests and works. Please message [Fuzzysabeast] for info.

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